Toby Price heading for four wheels at Dakar?

Aussie Dakar champion, Toby Price, says he has unfinished business on two wheels yet but following Peterhansel onto four wheels is the future.


Reigning Dakar Rally and FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Champion, Toby Price has set his sights on emulating the Dakar greats like Stéphane Peterhansel, Nani Roma and Cyril Despres by switching up from two to four wheels at the infamous event.

Ahead of his return to action with the KTM Rally team at the Atacama Rally, beginning September 2, Price has spoken about his injury sustained at the 2019 Dakar, the journey to get back on a bike and the future for him as he looks to switch to four wheels – but not yet...

Toby Price AUS of Red Bull KTM Factory Team 560

Toby Price: “I’m really excited to be back on the bike and start racing. I’ve been away from rally racing for a bit with the wrist injury. It’s going to be a good race to be back at. I’m not expecting anything from it but we’re keen to get back out there and get going.”

“The wrist injury was pretty brutal. I definitely did some good damage to it. We’ve had it all fixed up now and we’re looking forward to getting back into the races. It’s working as best as we can now. 

“Everyone knows what a scaphoid is like, it’s an interesting bone to break and it takes a long time to sort out so it’s been a little bit frustrating along the way, but we should be good by the time we get on the bike.”

Toby Price Finke car 560

Speaking about following in the footsteps of the likes of Stéphane Peterhansel and Cyril Despres to race the Dakar on four wheels, Toby explained: 

“They pretty much feel exactly the same (two wheels to four) except you have the roll cage around you.

“So, that’s 100% the goal to follow in the footsteps of Peterhansel and Despres, and get out there on four wheels and race the Dakar in the years to come. 

“I’ve still got some unfinished business to do on two wheels. I definitely want to win one or two more on two wheels but we just don’t know how the body will be in five to eight years time, which is about the time I’d look to make the switch to four wheels hopefully. Yeah, that’s definitely the ultimate goal to try to chase that down.”

“For sure, the four-wheel racing helps in some way even though it’s a different discipline and it doesn’t look the same. It keeps my reflexes sharp and my race-craft pretty handy I think. It’s always good being out doing the high rates of speed and having fun and trying to get the wrist have low impact but put it under some strain and stresses you wouldn’t want to do in training sessions, so it’s been good.”

Photo and interview credit: Red Bull 
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