Toby Price has made the tough decision to call it a day at the Sealine Cross Country Rally in Qatar after hurting his back.

It all started in Stage 1 with the Dakar champion suffering intense pain. He went on to race Stage 2 even provisionally making it to the top of the overall standings.

Here’s how Toby himself describes the whole situation:

“After my problems in Stage 1 I had a CT scan and found out I slipped a disc in my back and touched my nerves on the left side.

"It’s never the best to pull out of races half way around the world when the team puts in so much effort, time and money. But pulling out of the event is hopefully going to be a smarter option for long term.

"The team I have are the best and told me it’s not worth it and shows they put safety first (second time I’ve had to stop a race). It blows me away that everything they do, they are still on my side and say call it quits in bad times.

"I can’t thank them enough for this as otherwise I would've been pulling a helmet on and possibly making this worse. I want to be here for a long time, not a short time. A slipped disc is not fun.”

Price's Red Bull KTM Factory Racing teammate Sam Sunderland is leading the overall standings two stages before the end of the 2016 Sealine Cross Country Rally.