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Image: Shan Moore 

Off to a winning start in the AMA National Enduro Championship, and potentially the ISDE, this Monday Shout Out goes to Steward Baylor…

From the desert sands of the United Arab Emirates to the wetter softer sands of the Normandy in Northern France and over to the Californian desert for Kings of the Motos, there was a lot of everything for those dirt biking this weekend. 

But somewhere about the middle was the opening round of the AMA National Enduro Championships in Sumter South Carolina. 

The first round of USA’s enduro series and also, unofficially for many, the first mile on the road to the ISDE next August.

For those with an eye on making it onto Team USA — defending ISDE champions — Sumter was the place to make your mark. 

With the majority of the main players squaring up for battle, nothing shouts “pick me, I’m ready” quite like a win.

Rising to the call, Steward Baylor certainly put his best foot forward to France with victory in Sumter. As part of the Junior ISDE squad last October, he’s determined to show he’s more than ready for a place among the main crew in seven months time.

Coming out swinging by taking the opening test win, he then went back and forth with factory guys Kailub Russell and Thad Duvall for the eventual win. Granted, it was a tight-as-you-like victory, with only one second giving him the nod, but he got the job done nonetheless. 

How the next few months pan out remains to be seen, but one thing for sure is that Baylor’s off to a pretty solid start.



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