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Photo Credit: Mark Kariya

Round four of the AMA West Hare Scrambles series saw SRT riders Trystan Hart and JT Baker claim the top step of the Pro and Pro 250 podium.

Chilled mornings and sunny afternoons, Chappie-Shasta OHV could not have been in any better condition for racing; home to round four of the AMA KENDA/SRT West Hare Scramble Series. 

The wet weather throughout the previous week led to prime terrain Saturday and Sunday. Sections like the slick uphill climbs, steep downhill slopes, puddle-filled straight-aways, creek crossings and narrow forest trails were just a few examples of the awesome work Redding Dirt Riders put into the District 36-sanctioned event. 

Bright and early Sunday morning, the pits were an exciting place to be. With mechanics prepping bikes, families lending a hand to their riders and members of the District 36 organisation setting up their positions on course; the race day seemed to be off to an excellent start. Devin Bolin stole the holeshot for the Pro class, but it was SRT rider Tristen Hart who quickly swept the lead.

Meanwhile, 2016 AMA West Hare Scramble Champion Purvines DA8 Yamaha-backed Nick Burson kept close in second behind Hart. Training in conditions not so similar to the narrow trails of Chappie-Shasta, Burson made his mark and proved his skill, with no struggle from the conditions to claim second overall. And to round off the podium after suffering from a poor start rider Max Gerston claimed his spot on the with a nice third overall.


ama west hare scrambles srt ktm win 2 1200

Photo Credit: Mark Kariya

The Pro 250 class saw a well-earned podium and holeshot award from ANOTHER SRT rider JT Baker. Off the start the pack raced into onto the marked trails to settle into the long race ahead. Baker's Meanwhile, Dillon Sheppard coming in second and Calum Campbell in third finished off a gruelling battle to the podium.

The weekend kicked off to an early start Saturday morning for the 50cc class, with an impressive win from the future of District 36 racing, Talan Staggs. The Big Wheel class raced off the start not too long after, with an exciting chase between Kyle Kerling, Logan McChesney, and Mason Matthies. The chase ended with an overall win from Kyle Kerling, who averaged nearly 25 mph throughout the race course. 

Ava Silvestri took first in the Girls class after having nothing but a blast on the enthralling course built by the Redding Dirt Riders. Divas Pro podium saw Debbie King in first Erica Muxlow in second, and Cindy Weathermon in third. All ladies sported nothing but laughs and smiles while on the podium after an exhausting day of racing.

All in all, round four of the AMA West Hare Scramble Series in Chappie-Shasta hosted by the Redding Dirt Riders could not have had a better result. The club members were sure to make not only an unforgettable course, but also an unforgettable and friendly environment for everyone who made the trip.


Words: Kaeley Porter