Former top AMA Motocross rider Damon Bradshaw has partnered with Gas Gas North America to assist with their promotion and racing efforts.

Damon “The beast from the east” Bradshaw has joined the GasGas family to assist in promotions and is getting into off road competition aboard the GasGas EC300. 

Since retiring from moto over 15 years ago, Bradshaw has been racing trucks for Monster Energy but has always kept his hand in with two wheels.

Recently testing and working with the EC300 for the last couple of weeks in North Carolina he’s agreed to work with Torrot GasGas moving forward.

“We are very excited to have Mr. Bradshaw join our family. Damon will bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to our growing effort, and the fans love Damon,” commented Mark Berg of Torrot GasGas North America, Inc.

Damon is planning on attending and competing in a wide variety of events throughout the year… 

damon bradshaw gas gas north america 1200

“My plans are to have fun and be at the races with the enjoyment of being with the fans, family and friends again, that is what I miss the most, the competition and the people.” 

Damon continued to comment “I have been watching Torrot GasGas new management and direction for the last year now and very excited at the possibilities we can do together moving forward.”  

In addition to racing, Mr. Bradshaw will be working with GasGas to create some special events for youth involvement and support media events in the months to come.

“We strongly believe in grass roots promotions and keeping the wheels turning with the young people out there.  There is no better way to help grow the sport than by having a person like Mr. Bradshaw working with us to promote GasGas and off-road to the masses.” 

Mark Berg continues “the numbers show, riders of off road competition are getting older on average and all the manufacturers need to do our best to keep the interest alive and to spread the excitement and fun of off-road to the younger demographics.”