Husqvarna’s Josh Strang claimed victory at the final round of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro in Union, SC.

The inaugural 2015 Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro season came to a close in Union, SC with the largest rider turnout in series history with 295 riders from 19 states competing on two special tests laid out on the infamous Big Buck Farm property.

Making his first race appearance of the year, FMF/KTM’s Charlie Mullins proved in the first test that his wrist injuries are finally behind him as he took the test win over Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Josh Strang. The surprise of the first test was Evan Smith, taking 3rd place in the test in his first-ever race as a professional.

Strang rebounded in the second test, the cross test, by taking the win by over 5 seconds ahead of Mullins and setting the tone for the remainder of the first day of racing as the Australian rider went on to win the remaining 4 tests and end the day with a 23-second lead ahead of Mullins.

full gas sprint enduro Rd 5 josh Strang 004 1080

Rocky Mountain/KR4/FAR Husqvarna’s Thad DuVall ended the day in 3rd-place. Evan Smith would finish the first day in 4th place, and Cory Buttrick in his first race back on a KTM rounded out the top five. 

Day two saw riders tackle the same two special tests but in reverse direction. Racing conditions were nearly perfect with weather in the mid-60s and with plenty of moisture in the red South Carolina dirt the tests began to become rough throughout the day.

Strang came out swinging on test one, the enduro test, fastest by three seconds over DuVall and an additional one second over Mullins to stretch his lead to 27 seconds.

The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider was the first rider to hit the cross test and struggled finding the right lines in the reversed direction and dropped 7 seconds to Mullins who laid down a blistering 4:43.7 test time to Strang’s 4:50.1, DuVall was 2nd with 4:47.0. 

Full Gas Sprint Enduro Rd 5 charlie Mullins 002 1080

Mullins stayed hot through the next two tests taking both test wins and moved into the lead for the day, while cutting into Strang’s overall lead for the weekend. Strang rebounded in the 5th test taking the win over Mullins by 7 seconds to reclaim the lead for the day and put a cushion back in his overall lead heading into the final test of the weekend on the cross test, where he would also take the win and clinch his first-ever Full Gas Sprint Enduro overall win.

“This was my last race of 2015 so it was great to close it out with a win,” said Strang. “I don’t think I saw anyone racing without a smile which is awesome, so hats off to everyone who makes this series work,” added the Australian.

“I had a blast getting back into the race swing this weekend,” said Mullins, who hasn’t raced at all in 2015 after series wrist injuries back in 2014 resulted in partial fusions of both wrists. “I felt a lot more comfortable on the 2nd day and was able to win 3-of-6 tests and finish the weekend 2nd-overall; pretty stoked for my first race back!” added Mullins.

“I was a little off on Saturday, but figured it out today and was there all day just a couple of seconds off the lead in a couple tests, said 3rd-place finisher Thad DuVall. “I had a blast keeping Strang and Mullins on their toes today and it proves how good the Husqvarna is right off the showroom floor.”

Full Gas Sprint Enduro Rd 5 Podium 1080

Evan Smith finished day two in fourth to secure fourth overall for the weekend in his pro debut. Tegan Temple was fifth in his first race with Beta USA Factory Race Team.

42-year-old former pro motocross racer Billy Schlag would finish the weekend in 9th place overall and take the top amateur honours in the Open A Class championship for 2015. 

Brooke Cosner, won the Women’s class ahead of Kendal LaFollette and Brooke Slaughter.

The 2016 Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series schedule will be announced soon. An 8-round AMA Championship series is planned starting in February at HRD Motorsports in Gaston, SC followed by a second round in Daytona, FL during Bike Week. 

Stay tuned to for a complete schedule with dates to be released in the next week.

Overall Results

  1. Josh Strang – 1:08:17.237

  2. Charlie Mullins – 1:08:44.450

  3. Thad DuVall – 1:09:11.260

  4. Evan Smith – 1:09:55.203

  5. Tegan Temple – 1:10:30.203

  6. Josh Toth – 1:10:50.964

  7. Grant Baylor – 1:11:18.404

  8. Sam Evans – 1:11:27.235

  9. Billy Schlag – 1:12:25.075

  10. Max Tannenbaum – 1:12:39.537