The Taft Grand Prix brought bumper entries for round two of the AMA District 37 Big 6 Grand Prix series.

Reigning series champion Zach Bell proved he's still very much the man in the Big 6 GP series with a win, coming back from a seventh place finish at round one. Dalton Shirey and Eric Yorba at second and third posting the same results as round one.

A total of attracted 1627 entries raced the Taft Grand Prix and there were plenty of crashes at the dry and dusty California track. The silty, beat-up racecourse looks awesome but clearly made starts critical for good results in the dust.

Among the most impressive rides came from Clay Hengeveld as his GoPro footage above shows. Clay didn’t make it easy on himself, rounding the first corner just inside the top twenty. On a track that made for difficult overtaking, he made a great charge to move up to tenth at the close of the first lap.


Taft Big 6 Pro2 Podium Enduro21 560

Photo Credit: Precision Concepts Racing

Hengeveld methodically moved up through the field and eventually put a last-lap move on Jake Alvarez into second position.  “So, we got off to a terrible start, I don’t know what happened there,” said Clay after the 2018 Taft BIG 6. “Early in the race it was tough [to make passes] just because…it was really tough to see. But I knew what I had to do, so I made the passes I needed to make.

“I just put my head down and charged up to third. On the last lap I made the pass for second. I tried to charge to catch Beau, but he got me this round. Overall, we had a great weekend. I’m very happy with a second, considering how rough and dusty the track was. There were a lot of square edges, and especially the sun coming down.”

2018 Taft BIG 6 Results:


  1. Zach Bell

  2. Dalton Shirey

  3. Eric Yorba

  4. Justin Jones

  5. Justin Seeds

  6. Gary Sutherlin

  7. Ricky Dietrich

  8. Trevor Stewart

  9. Kailub Russell

  10. Derek Kelley

WCGP Pro 2

  1. Beau Baron

  2. Clay Hengeveld

  3. Jake Alvarez

  4. Mitch Anderson

  5. Mitchell Greene



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