Taylor Robert took the AMA Hare Scramble Pro class win in Prescott Valley, Arizona with Tyrstan Hart second and Dante Oliveira third.

Nearly 400 riders competed the cactus-strewn desert course to 2018 AMA KENDA SRT West Hare Scramble Championship at a rider favourite track in Arizona.

Pro Class

The Pro class saw an overall win from Taylor Robert in a race that is now one of his personal favorites.

Max Gerston was second early on with Oliveira in third and Travis Coy only seconds behind. Lap two changed the standings as Hart stole second from Gerston, who dropped to third.


Pro class podium West Hare Scramble rnd 2 Enduro21 560


Taylor Robert set the bar pretty high with his speed and the gap between him and the rest. Oliveira moved himself up to third for the third lap behind Coy.

The battle for fourth spot in the final lap between Jacob Argubright, Kendall Norman, and Gerston was a hot one. At the finish Norman stole it with Gerston fifth and Argubright sixth. Norman put the pressure on Oliveira for third but the gap was too great and Oliveira held to the finish.

Pro 250

The new Pro2 and Pro 250 is the talk of the championship just now. With both classes starting on the same line, the stacked line-up made competition for the holeshot impressive.

Justin Bonita won the race from the gate, leading the pack as Trystan Hart, Max Gerston, and many more put on the pressure to steal the lead.


Pro2 class podium AMA Hare Scramble Rnd2 Enduro21 560


The Pro 250 podium saw a win from Clay Hengeveld, ahead of Spencer Wilton and Jeremy Wilton in third. J. Wilton lead the way for the first lap and Hengeveld had to buckle down and make his mark, stealing the lead on the second lap.

Second in the Pro 250 class, S. Wilton had to battle through the pack to get his result. After a few close calls in his battle with Kyle Hutcheson, J. Wilton eventually held on for third place on the podium.

Women's class

Brandy Richards favoured the variety of fast and tighter sections on the course, which played to her advantage when taking home the overall win for the Women's class.

Coming in second overall and dominating the technical sections, Shelby Turner had to push her way through the field after the start to claim her second spot.

Nicole Bradford was working for her spot on the podium too. Stealing the holeshot and ripping through the rest of the course, Bradford made sure her spot on the podium was well earned.

Youth races

The race weekend began early Saturday morning with the Pee Wee race. Racing on a 1.5 mile course, the 50cc racers faced nothing but fun racing. Leading the entire race, John Nordling sat at the top of the Pee Wee podium next to Nathan Sanders in second and Lucas Carter in third.

The 65cc race, also saw the 85cc Jr. and Jr. Girls class. Ryder Thomaselli led the entire race after battling for the holeshot with Jace Vogt. Ruffin Dodson followed behind in second, soaking in the challenge that the technical sections posed for him and earning his spot on the podium. Jace Vogt finished third.


AMA Hare Scramble kids podium enduro21 560


Seven Diaz won the Big Wheel race. Stealing the holeshot off the cactus filled start line, Diaz made his way in front and remained there the rest of the race. Zach Kerling maintained second throughout the race, keeping a consistent gap to Lane Forbes in third. 

Round three of the West Hare Scramble Series hits Quail Canyon MX, Gorman, California March 17-18.