GNCC medical teams at race events will benefit from new safety vehicle donated by the Kurt Caselli Foundation. 


Racer Productions, the team behind the Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC), introduced The Kurt Caselli Foundation GNCC Safety Vehicle at last weekend’s Steele Creek event. 

The Kurt Caselli Foundation partnered with GNCC Racing to build a safety vehicle that will travel to every round of GNCC Racing for local medical teams to use around the facility and race courses.

Kurt Caselli is among the most decorated off-road motorcyclist in history; his career highlights include three AMA National Hare and Hound National Championships, three championships in the World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS), AMA Sportsman of the year in 2007, and multiple International Six Days Enduro medals. 

After Kurt’s death in 2013, The Kurt Caselli Foundation was established in his memory with the mission of ‘Protecting and Supporting the Lives of Off-road Riders.’

“The emergency medical transport unit is one of the best additions to the GNCC equipment list,” said Tim Cotter, Racer Productions Event Direction. “Our racers and their families now have the comfort to know that at every GNCC there is a well-equipped off-road vehicle to help riders in need.”


Caselli Foundation GNCC Safety vehicle Enduro21 560


Strong partnership to help riders

This is the Caselli foundation's first donation and partnership with a racing series on the east coast. Also helping in the partnership for the GNCC Safety Vehicle are FMF Racing, Westfield Powersports, Kawasaki, PCI Radios and Baja Designs. 

With the help from these partners, the GNCC Safety Vehicle is full equipped with a medical backboard and other medical necessities to help racers in the event of an injury. The safety vehicle and all of the accessories have a value of over $18,000.


The Kurt Caselli Foundation has a three-part mission that covers safety precautions for riders before, during and after a racing career:

  • Before racing, we are committed to encouraging, developing, and standardizing safety precautions that will help minimize risk outside of the rider's control.
  • During racing, we are committed to developing, establishing, and encouraging the use of safety equipment and policies to increase the safety of the riders.
  • After racing, we are committed to providing a safety net that allows and encourages former racers to further their education and reach career goals for themselves and their families.


The Kurt Caselli Foundation President, Donny Emler Jr. joined GNCC Racing on the start of the pro bike race at the FMF Steele Creek to present the new Kurt Caselli Foundation GNCC Safety Vehicle.


Photo Credit: Ken Hill

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