Honda has updated its CRF line-up for 2019 with two, all-new and three updated CRF off road sport models.


Honda’s off-road line-up for 2019 features upgrades across the four bike range, with the addition of two much needed new models to the CRF family.

The two new models for 2019 are the enduro (or cross-country model as Honda has it) CRF250RX and a dual-purpose, fully road-legal CRF450L.

The flagship CRF450R MX machine and its enduro sibling the CRF450RX both benefit from a “stronger shot” of top-end power and torque while the CRF250R, less than a year after it was launched, already gets performance upgrades focusing on bottom-end torque for even better drive out of slower speed corners. 


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2019 CRF250RX 

The new CRF250RX was expected after Honda launched a complete re-vamp of the CRF250R last year. The 250RX completes Honda’s off-road range of 250/450, four-stroke models.

Mirroring the CRF450RX, the new machine takes the CRF250R as a base, with the natural revisions of an 18-inch rear wheel, 8.5litre tank and softer suspension that adapt it for its role as the ideal closed course cross-country machine. 

It inherits the CRF250R upgrades for 2019: bottom and mid-range torque output gets a major boost thanks to 2mm smaller throttle body, plus revised cam intake and exhaust profiles. The 250RX has a new front brake caliper, Renthal Fatbars and black rims.

New for 2019 (as with the CRF250R) the 250RX gets HRC’s launch control system giving riders option for a strong start with three modes to choose from:

  • Level 3 – 8,250rpm, muddy conditions/beginner
  • Level 2 – 8,500rpm, dry conditions/basic
  • Level 1 – 9,500rpm, dry conditions/expert

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2019 CRF450L 

The other new model in the line-up is a trail-friendly, dual-sport CRF450L.

Based on the CRF450R MX as a base, Honda says the “new dual-purpose motorcycle has a tough, lightweight chassis built to find all the available grip, powered by an engine that delivers strong, usable power right from the bottom.” 

It’s more user-friendly outlook offers something for the off-road hobby rider with the CRF450L and will arrive fully street legal with sidestand, increased fuel tank volume and all-LED lighting. 

Honda has tweaked the 450, four stroke motor to make it more durable with high quality parts and longer service intervals – with a first major service at 32,000km. 


Honda 131059 2019 CRF450L Enduro21 560


2019 Honda CRF450L highlights:

  • Based on the CRF450R, with first major service at 32,000km
  • EURO4 compliant, with electric start
  • Greater crank inertia improves drivability and feel for traction
  • 6-speed gearbox

Honda 131061 2019 CRF450L Enduro21 560



As with the CRF450R motocross machine, the CRF450RX receives a major boost of top-end power and torque for its engine: 2.4hp more power and 2Nm (1.5ft-lb) more torque bringing stronger power delivery through the rev-range thanks to a revised cylinder head, intake and exhaust.

The three-level HRC launch control and mapping switch remains. While still featuring an 18-inch rear wheel and 8.5-litre fuel tank, the 2019 chassis has a “revised rigidity balance”, new suspension settings, plus Renthal Fat Bar handlebar with 4-way adjustability and new black rims.


Honda 130852 2019 CRF250RX Enduro21 560


2019 CRF450R

The CRF450R receives a major performance boost: 1.8kW more power and 2Nm more torque, plus stronger power delivery throughout the rev range thanks to a revised cylinder head, intake and exhaust. It also gets three-level HRC launch control (along with the three existing riding modes) and durability upgrades. The chassis features revised suspension settings, redesigned front brake caliper, detailed weight-saving updates (shaving 0.9kg) and Renthal Fat Bar handlebar which sits on a new top yoke adjustable for four positions.


One year after a full model change, the CRF250R gets a range of new performance, utility and aesthetic updates. Bottom and mid-range torque output gets a major boost thanks to 2mm smaller throttle body, and revised cam, intake and exhaust profiles. Like the 450s, the CRF250R also receives three-level HRC launch control to add to the choice of three riding modes. A new twin-piston front brake caliper, adjustable Renthal Fatbars and black rims round out the updates.

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