Justin Morgan and his three-rider SLR Honda team raced to overall victory at the 2018 SCORE Baja 500 – Morgan’s third win in four years. 


Repeating their SCORE San Felipe 250 win earlier this year, the team of Justin Morgan, Mark Samuels and Justin Jones crossed the finish line in 11h:54m:58s at an average speed of 45.49mph.

321 riders began the 50thedition of the Baja 500 at 3:30am in Ensenada, heading out into the famous Baja desert for 542 miles of racing. 

187 riders finished the race within the 22 hour time limit and of those the SLR Honda team clocked in just shy of 12hrs. That despite reportedly riding the last 80 or so miles with no oil in their forks after they failed. 

Morgan rode to mile 240, Samuels rode to the 370 mark and Jones rode to mile 505before swapping back to Morgan who rode to the finish.

“After doing the first 240 miles I felt good for the last stage as I had some tacos at Valley T and a couple of Monsters and I was good to go.” Said Morgan after the race. “The first 240 miles were rough and it was hard to prepare for the end as I could only sleep for a couple hours. 

“My first Baja 500 was in 2011 and I was 21 years old and didn’t have clue and I was hooked even after I was forced to miss 2014 because I was hurt. I have a couple more years on a bike for sure, but hope to run a truck after that.”  

Team mate Samuels said: “The track was rough and my section was really rocky and technical. I was supposed to ride another 50 miles, but Justin Jones stepped up and rode it for me down the beach section and killed it. The team really pulled together and it was awesome.”

Pro Moto Ironman 

Francisco Septien won the Pro Moto Ironman class. Finishing first in class, 43rd overall and 14th overall bike, Septien said: “This was one of the hardest Score Baja 500s.  The worst idea I had, was trying to pass the Sportsman guys.  Being an Ironman, we are already tired and trying to deal with more and more dust; it was not a good idea.”

Full results at: score-international.com



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