If Kyle Redmond had always thought the Prairie Dogs MC ‘Last Dog Standing’ extreme enduro was too easy in years past then he got what he asked for at the 2018 event last weekend.

When riders took longer than expected to come off the East Ridge and back into the main area, Redmond stopped for water and said “this is fuckin hard”. 


Kyle Redmond Last Dog Standing 2018 Enduro21

Photo Credit: Jean Turner


Questioning whether it was possible to even do a second lap, Redmond went on to win the overall ahead of second placed Trystan Hart (“that was harder than the Roof of Africa”) and Taylor Robert taking in some extreme action.


Last Dog Standing 2018 results: 

1 Kyle Redmond 3-1

2 Trystan Hart 2-2

3 Taylor Robert 1-3

4 Mitch Carvolth 6-6

5 Noah Kepple 4-1 Lap + Ck 4

6 Wallace Palmer 9-1 Lap + Ck 1

7 Josh Rooken-Smith 8-1 Lap (10)

8 Spenser Wilton 13-1 Lap (7)

9 Ryan Wells 12-1 Lap (8)

10 Ryan Gouveia 18-1 Lap (9) 18


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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester