Husqvarna’s Ryan Sipes returned to winning form with a solid victory at the Jolly Mine Sprint Enduro, round four of the Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series in Wellston, Ohio. 


Ryan Sipes followed his familiar pattern in taking victory at the Jolly Mine Sprint Enduro this weekend: winning all of the Cross tests and then hanging on for dear life in the Enduro tests. 

Saying afterwards the Ohio race was his “best yet” for his times in the Enduro tests, a fact proved by the Kentucky rider also winning his first Enduro test of the season. 

“I’m getting better at the Enduro tests with each race and I’m pleased that I was actually able to win one this weekend,” said Sipes. “I feel like I have a little more confidence in the woods and I’m actually hitting a few trees which is a sign that I’m pushing a little harder.”

Throwing it away in Saturday's final Enduro test 

“I was leading Steward Baylor by 14 seconds going into the final test of the day on Saturday and I fell over in a flat turn and it took me a while to get going,” said Sipes. “I ended up losing Saturday’s round by 1.4 seconds to Steward, which kind of bummed me out.”

In spite of his snafu on Saturday, Sipes won seven of the 12 tests over the course of the two-day event (all six Cross tests and one Enduro test) and took the overall win ahead of Grant Baylor by just over five seconds. 


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Photo Credit:  Darrin Chapman


Steward Baylor topped two Enduro tests en route to Saturday’s win. However, the Tely Energy KTM rider injured his knee in the opening test on Sunday, which put a damper on his bid for the overall win.

“I was riding really good on Saturday and I think I could have repeated that performance on Sunday, but in the first test I was going through one of the off-camber turns, which we were running backwards, and I caught a rut with my front wheel and I jammed my foot into the ground,” said Baylor. “My knee swelled up pretty tight and I just had to coast for the rest of the day.” Steward finished off the day in fourth and was fourth overall for the weekend. 

Grant Baylor was the beneficiary of his brother’s bad luck and wound up in the runner-up slot for the weekend. The Tely Energy KTM rider won three Enduro tests in all, one on Saturday and two on Sunday, but didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts.

“I was going good in the first test of the weekend and then about six turns from the finish I went down in a fast turn and the bike slid a long way, so it took me a while to get to it and get going again,” said Grant. “Other than that one mistake, the rest of the weekend was pretty good; I think I was on pace with the rest of the guys.”


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Photo Credit:  Darrin Chapman


Josh Strang turned in a fast and consistent performance to claim the final step of the podium in third. The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider was particularly fast in the Cross test. 

“The grass track was really technical, there were a bunch of off-camber sections and you just had to be real patient,” said Strang. “Some of the dirt was dry but once you got on the gas and started to turn on it, it got really slick, which made it tricky. I felt like I was solid in both tests and it was a good weekend for me.”

With his third overall finish, Strang solidified second place in the standings, seven points behind leader Sipes. 

Fifth overall in front of a hometown audience was KR4 Husqvarna’s Cory Buttrick, who lives in nearby Logan, Ohio. Ten seconds behind Buttrick was his teammate Layne Michael in sixth. 


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Photo Credit:  Darrin Chapman


Beta USA’s Jordan Ashburn ran hot and cold in Ohio and eventually settled in seventh, 21 seconds ahead of SRT Racing’s Evan Smith. 

KR4 Husqvarna’s Liam Draper won the Pro2 class in ninth overall, while Coastal Racing Husqvarna’s Craig Delong rounded out the top 10. 

Maryland KTM rider Billy Schlag finished second in the Pro2 class in 12th overall, while Braxton McGee was third in class and 13thoverall. 

Tayla Jones blitzed to the win in the Women’s Pro class. The KR4 Husqvarna rider had a perfect weekend winning all 12 of the tests. 

“The tests were pretty technical but I was just on a hot streak,” said Jones. “I stayed upright for the most part and I really felt good on the bike all weekend.” Mackenzie Tricker was second in the Women’s Pro class, with Brooke Cosner finishing third.


womans pro podium Full Gas Sprint Enduro21 560

Photo Credit:  Darrin Chapman


North Carolina’s Conner Smith beat out Virginia’s Luke Ross and Indiana’s Alex Witkowski to win the Open A division, while local boy Devan Byer took top honours in the Lites A class ahead of Pennsylvania’s Dantae Ranieri and Virginia’s Henry Symanski. 



  1. Ryan Sipes (Hsq)
  2. Grant Baylor (KTM)
  3. Josh Strang (Hsq)
  4. Steward Baylor (KTM)
  5. Cory Buttrick (Hsq)
  6. Layne Michael (Hsq)
  7. Jordan Ashburn (Bet)
  8. Evan Smith (Hsq)
  9. Liam Draper (Hsq)
  10. Craig DeLong (Hsq)

The Kenda Full Gas Sprint Enduro Series resumes on July 14-15 for round five in Fairmount, Pennsylvania. 

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