Enduro Riders are made of tough stuff. We know this. But how hard is Grant Baylor? 


The Tely Racing KTM rider crashed during the fourth test of last weekend’s Rattlesnake AMA National Enduro. The get-off demolished his bike but also dislocated Grant’s shoulder as he piled into a huge rock. 

For most people competing any sport that would spell the end of the event and a trip to the medics but not Baylor. With a bit of help from Josh Toth, Grant popped his own shoulder back in and still managed to finish that test in 15th. Grant then went on to finish fourth overall!

The Rattlesnake Enduro was going well for Baylor and he was looking as though he might grab his third win in the 2018 series after tests two and three. But the nasty crash in the fourth test left Grant shaken, bruised and suffering a dislocated shoulder. 

“I came around a corner and all of a sudden I was in some rocks that threw me head first into a much bigger rock,” said Grant. “It demolished my bike and I popped my shoulder out.”

Grant was dazed and still on the ground trying to pop his shoulder in place when Josh Toth stopped to help. 

To ‘pop’ his own shoulder back in and carry on shows how much of the tough stuff enduro riders have to be made of. Respect.


Photo Credit: Shan Moore



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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester