Victory for Taylor Robert at AMA Sprint Hero round three – 2019 ISDE qualifier

Taylor Robert takes his third win of the AMA Sprint Hero Racing series ahead of Zach Bell as the 2019 AMA ISDE qualifiers kick-off at Mesquite. 


The 2019 Sprint Hero Racing Series headed to Mesquite, Nevada over the weekend for Round three of the 2019 series, which also served as a qualifier for the 2019 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) held in Portugal on November 11-16. 

FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Taylor Robert extended his win-streak in the Sprint Hero series to three-in-a-row with a hard-fought victory at Mesquite MX ahead of Precision Concepts Kawasaki’s Zach Bell.

The Sprint Hero Racing Series features a two-day race format consisting of three enduro-style tests and three motocross-style tests. Riders compete against the timeclock for a total of 12 tests over the course of the weekend. 

On Saturday, Robert won five of the day’s six tests, where he finished second to Zach Bell in the final moto test. With a 37-second lead in the enduro and a one-second lead in the moto overall, Robert sat in a favourable position heading into the second day of racing.

Robert Sprint Hero 2019 Enduro21 1200

On Sunday, Robert once again dominated the enduro tests but Zach Bell upped his game for a close battle through the day and took the moto wins and finish within just four seconds of each other. 

With combined times for the weekend though, Robert able to best the competition by almost a minute overall. “Today was an ISDE qualifier, which was pretty cool for the guys trying to go to ISDE because the conditions were actually pretty similar to what we’ll see in Portugal this year and the format was similar as well.” Said Taylor.

“I felt really good all weekend. It was a combination of a sandy enduro loop, with a hard-packed motocross/cross test and both tests were incredibly fun. 

“All-in-all, it was really good to win both days and get my third win in a row in this series. I’m really happy with the way I’m riding and the results and I’m looking forward to two more races before the summer break.”

Bell Sprint Hero 2019 Enduro21 560

In runner-up position, Zach Bell had a strong weekend pushing Taylor Robert. One mistake in the Enduro test on Saturday lost him a stack of time but Sunday proved mistake-free for the Precision Concepts Kawasaki rider.

“Saturday was a long day in general.” Explained Bell. “I had a few mistakes and definitely wasn’t on pace that day. Then, I had a good crash in the last Enduro test and knew I had to regroup after that. 

“I came into Sunday happy and ready to throw down. I felt like I showed some good speed in the Enduro tests and the Moto tests. Taylor only got me by like four seconds, so it was a much better day. All-in-all, second overall is good.”


Check out the Sprint Hero Enduro Test at Mesquite onboard with Zach Bell. It's a fast one!



Mesquite Sprint Hero results – Round 3:

  1. Taylor Robert, KTM, 47:42.790
  2. Zach Bell, KAW, 48:35.615
  3. Dante Oliveira, KTM, 49:09.420
  4. Gary Sutherlin, KTM, 49:37.985
  5. Blayne Thompson, KAW, 50:56.960


Round four of the Sprint Hero Series heads to Cinder Hills – Flagstaff, Arizona – June 8-9, 2019. 


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Photo Credit: Harlen Foley + Dirt Nation Magazine
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