Results: Thad Duvall ends Roberts' win streak at WORCS Round 7 

Thad Duvall puts an end to Taylor Robert’s WORCS 2019 winning streak with the victory at round seven in McCleary, Washington. 


After having won all six WORCS rounds contested to date in 2019, Taylor Robert finally finished saw a defeat as Thad Duvall took victory in a dramatic last lap. The track for round seven featured some real enduro sections in the woods at Grays Harbor ORV Park and featured two special Pro sections packed with rocks, logs and tyres, which caused some trouble for the riders.

The race looked like it was going to develop as all six races this season have with Robert taking the early lead over from holeshot scorer Andrew Short. Robert dominated the first part of the two-hour race as Duvall struggled to find his rhythm following a first lap crash. 

As the white flag waved Duvall was closing up on Robert who got caught behind a lapped rider in a single-track section. Robert went for the pass on the lapper but as he was beside him he fell on top of the KTM rider. 

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Duvall, who had caught with them by that time, saw the opportunity and attempted to go between them but fell on top of both riders. As his Husqvarna was on top Duvall got up first and pulled away to get the win. 

“Once I got into second, I could see Taylor so I tried to ride the best I could and limit my mistakes,” said Duvall. “Once I got the white flag, I was able to hit all of my lines and pressure Taylor. I forced him into a mistake with a lapper and just cruised from there.”

Robert WORCS Round7 2019 560

Robert tried a desperate charge but was unable to make up the lost time in the short distance to the finish line and came second, his worst result this season. 

“I didn’t make any mistakes until the last lap and unfortunately a lapper was hanging me up in the single-track section and I followed him for about 30 seconds before he fell on top of me. Thad (Duvall) tried to go in-between us and he fell on top of both of us, so I had to wait for both of them to get their bikes before I could go.” Admitted Robert.

“I was really bummed on that because I led like 95% of the race but I felt like I rode really well and Thad’s one of the best guys in the world and it’s tough racing. Now I know what I need to do for next weekend, clean up some mistakes and hopefully him and I can have a good race.”

Ricky Russell was able to hold up the attacks of the WORCS podium regular finisher Dante Oliveira and finished third. 

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Austin Walton gets his third Pro 2 win of the season

After getting the holeshot Austin Walton rode his own race to secure his third win of the season. Despite the dominant win Walton pointed out that the competitiveness of the class ensured that he had to stay alert all the time. 

Cooper Abbott had a solid ride in Washington and finished runner-up to Walton, earning his second podium finish of the season. Even if he is not familiar with woods riding Shane Logan rode his 2 stroke Husqvarna to third place to achieve his first Pro 2 podium.

2019 07 austin walton worcs racing 560

In Pro 2 Lights, points leader Mateo Oliveira rode his GAS GAS to his fourth victory of the season. Seven Diaz finished second on a KTM, ahead of the similar bike of Brandy Richards.

2019 07 brandy richards worcs 560

WORCS Grays Harbor Pro Results:

  1. Thad Duvall, HQV (8 laps)
  2. Taylor Robert, KTM
  3. Ricky Russell, YAM

Pro 2 Results:

  1. Austin Walton, HQV
  2. Cooper Abbott, KTM
  3. Shane Logan, HQV

Pro 2 Lights Results:

  1. Mateo Oliveira, GAS
  2. Seven Diaz, KTM
  3. Brandy Richards, KTM

Pro Standings:

  1. Taylor Robert, 194 points
  2. Dante Oliveira, 158
  3. Andrew Short, 122

Pro 2 Standings:

  1. Austin Serpa, 149 points
  2. Austin Walton, 134
  3. Tallon Lafontaine, 128

Pro 2 Lights Standings:

  1. Mateo Oliveira, 169 points
  2. Brandy Richards, 148
  3. Dallas Serpa, 121


The next round of the 2019 WORCS championship visits Devore, California, September 6. 

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Photo Credit: WORCS/Harlen Foley
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