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Video: Taylor Robert back on top at WORCS round 9 at Glen Helen Raceway

Taylor Robert wins round nine of the 2019 WORCS championship in Glen Helen Raceway including onboard video action from Zach Bell in second place ahead of Dante Oliveira third. 


The iconic Glen Helen Raceway hosted round nine of the 2019 WORCS championship where Taylor Robert was back at the top spot of the podium making it his seventh win of the season. Precision Concepts Kawasaki rider Zach Bell was second and FMF RPM KTM rider Dante Oliveira third. 

Zach Bell posted the fastest time in Saturday’s qualifying but it was Robert who grabbed the lead at the infamous, banked turn one and was out in front for the opening laps of Sunday’s race. Despite Bell staying in the battle for the early lead, Robert pulled away halfway through the race to build a 48 second gap.  

WORCS Glen Helen 2019 Taylor Robert action 560

But with four laps to go Robert got stuck in a bottleneck forcing him to completely stop and wait for a clear path. As a result, Bell caught up and things got tight. But Robert was just able to make it passed that section and pushed hard to ultimately finish nearly a minute ahead of the Precision Concepts Kawasaki rider. 

“I got off to a great start and tried everything I could to stay in front of Zach. He was riding really well – and I felt good too – but we were really close the first six laps,” said Robert. 

“Once he pitted, I kind of gapped out but there was a really tough section that a bunch of guys were getting stuck in so I just had to sit and wait and Zach rolled up right behind me.”

“I was able to get out of there clean and put on another charge to pull back away from him and it ended up being pretty much a flawless race aside from getting stuck on that lap. It feels good to be back on top.”

WORCS Glen Helen 2019 Zach Bell action 560

Lappers also caused some trouble for Bell, who got the worst of it when he was on a last minute charge to catch Robert and got stuck behind them in a single-track section, putting an end to his hopes for the win. 

“My race was good. I got off to a usual good start. Ran it a little wide in the first turn, but was able to come out in second and was able to follow Taylor for the first hour of the race,” said Bell.

“I felt pretty good. Then I got tangled up with lappers in the back in the pro section and lost a lot of time. I made back up a lot of time but I struggled the last few laps with lappers in the back. You really couldn’t make any passes back there, it was all bottled up.”

“Taylor got by a few lappers right before the single track and I wasn’t able to get around them. So, he gapped me again. I’m feeling better and better each time. Just a few mistakes cost the race and put me second.”

WORCS Glen Helen 2019 Zach Bell rocks action 560

Dante Oliveira finished third achieving his sixth podium result of the season and sits second in the points with two rounds remaining. 

WORCS Glen Helen Raceway Pro top 10:

  1. Taylor Robert, 13 Laps, 2:00:27.775
  2. Zach Bell, 13 Laps, 2:01:22.296
  3. Dante Oliveira, 13 Laps, 2:01:49.987
  4. Thad Duvall, 13 Laps, 2:02:33.948
  5. Gary Sutherlin, 13 Laps, 2:03:15.208
  6. Blayne Thompson, 13 Laps, 2:06:19.465
  7. Justin Seeds, 13 Laps, 2:08:31.586
  8. Travis Damon, 13 Laps, 2:09:50.677
  9. Cole Shondeck, 13 Laps, 2:09:51.600
  10. Mitch Anderson, 12 Laps, 2:03:10.871

WORCS 2019 Pro Standings:

  1. Taylor Robert, 219 Points
  2. Dante Oliveira, 178
  3. Zach Bell, 139
  4. Ricky Dietrich, 124
  5. Andrew Short, 122
  6. Cole Shondeck, 101
  7. Gary Sutherlin, 100
  8. Travis Damon, 95
  9. Dalton Shirey, 93
  10. Blayne Thompson, 85

Check out the super-fast Glen Helen WORCS course onboard with Zach Bell in the Pro race:


The next round of the 2019 WORCS championship visits Taft, California, October 11 - 13.


More information and full results: WORCSRacing.com 


Photo Credit: DirtNationMag + Harlen Foley
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