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Round seven of the AMA National Enduro Series in Park Hills, Missouri, video highlights where Steward Baylor got the win after brother Grant’s final-test crash.

Steward capitalises on Grant’s crash in the last test of the day to take the win at the Lead Belt National Enduro, putting an end to his brother’s winning momentum. It also squashes any hopes for Grant to get in the fight for the title as Steward increases his overall championship lead to 36 points, with three rounds remaining.

Lead Belt National Enduro 2019 overall results:

  1. Steward Baylor (KTM)
  2. Grant Baylor (KTM)
  3. Evan Smith (Hsq)
  4. Thorn Devlin (GG)
  5. Mike Witkowski (Bet)
  6. Liam Draper (KTM)
  7. Ron Commo III (KTM)
  8. Nate Federer (Suz)
  9. Dylan Yearbury (Yam)
  10. Brandon Forrester (Yam)


Video credit: National Enduro Series

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