Video: Glen Helen 24 hours POV with winners Precision Concepts Kawasaki

Night-time onboard POV with Precision Concepts Kawasaki taking their third 24 Hours of Glen Helen race win on the bounce, their fifth in total.


Hailed as one of the toughest single day tests for man and machine in off road sport, the Glen Helen 24 Hours saw the Chaparral Motorsports/PC Kawasaki team of Zach Bell, Blayne Thompson and Clay Hengeveld plus fourth rider drafted in for this event Ryan Surratt, take the win ahead of Purvines Racing Yamaha squad.

Bell got PC Kawasaki off to a great start grabbing the holeshot and instantly pulled out a comfortable fifteen-minute lead through the first six hours of the event. As darkness fell, the lead quartet kept logging fast lap times and by ten o’clock, Thompson ticked by with a full lap cushion in the lead.

Check the onboard GoPro at Glen Helen during the night.


As the sun began to rise, marking the final few hours of the event, the PC Kawasaki team had built their lead to put another full lap on the field, which gave the team the luxury of taking their time with maintenance pits and the opportunity to back down their pace to save their bodies and the bike.

Surratt took the last leg for the team, and after twenty-four hours and three minutes of racing, took the chequered flag. 

PC Kawasaki Kariya Glen Helen 24hrs finish 560

Robby Bell, Team Manager: “For a ‘one-day’ race, the twenty-four hour requires so much effort. This year, the race couldn’t have gone much smoother. We were able to get into the lead right away, which is always great for the clean air. 

“From there, the riders did an amazing job putting in fast, consistent laps. The rider rotation stayed consistent throughout, which can be rare, and there wasn’t much to speak of in terms of damage to the bike. In fact, I’m pretty confident saying we’ve never had a motorcycle come through the twenty-four hour as well as this year’s bike did. The 2019 KX450 held up incredibly well; the motor still feels strong, it doesn’t feel tired. Shoot, even the graphics still look really good!

“We’d definitely like to thank all of the friends and family that came out and helped with the effort. Whether it was cooking, caring for the riders, or helping with the maintenance pits, every bit of help and support is what made this event so successful for us. Now, I’m sure everyone that was involved is going to go pass out for a solid day or two.”


Photo Credit: Mark Kariya and Trevor Hunter
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