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Video: World's toughest trail – 5 Miles of Hell on $500 bikes 

Would you tackle one of the gnarliest trails in USA, 5 Miles of Hell, on 500 Dollar bikes? Your weekend viewing sorted with this six episode series. 


If you plan to go on an epic trail ride you’d normally want the best bike available wouldn’t you? These guys like a challenge and went in the opposite direction taking the “best” bikes they could find under $500 and taking them on one of the toughest stretches of trail on this earth – 5 Miles of Hell in Utah.

Six episodes cover buying the bikes, the team, the suffering and ultimately conquering the infamous trail. Episode five is where the trail ride actually kicks off…

Episode 1 – Finding the best bike for the job


Episode 2 – What’s broken and how to fix it while keeping it under the budget


Episode 3 – Will they run?


Episode 4 – Test Ride


Episode 5 – Tackling 5 Miles of Hell


Episode 6 – Did they make it out?


Video credit: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 

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