With the J Day Off Road series in full swing, Jonathan Girroir claims victory at Dozer Memorial…

The track was whooped, the corners were hard packed and the 70 degree heat baked the dirt to a crisp. Spring had finally sprung at round two of the MSR J Day Dozer Memorial GP in Huntington, MA.

There was roughly 800 riders ready to twist the grips as the green flag dropped and the carnage got underway on the gnarly Massachusetts mountainside.

BN JdayDozer 9185 1200

The event is annually held in honor of Robert “Dozer” Girroir, to commemorate the legacy of the late Mr. Girroir who dug deep into the hearts of the New England racing family.

The tricky three-mile loop started off with an unusual right-hand turn into the first corner, followed by steep hill climbs, a spectator step-up jump and technical logs and barrels in the ProTaper X-treme section.

In Pro-moto one, the usual suspects, defending champion #1 Jonathan Girroir of Valley Motor Sports and the people’s champion #42 Kyle Hangos of Plaistow Power Sports brawled bar to bar for the STS Motorsports Graphics holeshot. 

BN JdayDozer 9244 1200

Hangos hung tough as he exchanged blows with Girroir in the early rounds, but in the end Hangos couldn’t hang long enough to beat Girroir to the punch as the checkered flag fell across the Loud Fuel Co. finish line.

The top contenders duked it out and put on a show for the fans, showing off their big-air skills on the 100 foot triple and reminding everyone why they are the front runners of their class.

“There’s a lot of woods, it’s tight, rooty and rocky and everything comes into play” Girroir said. “It [Dozer Memorial GP] was fun for the most part and decently long.

“It means the world to me to win today. I just tried to ride smooth, consistent and stay on the bike.”

BN JdayDozer 9199

The savages in Girroir’s rearview soldiered behind him in a single file order, playing follow the leader through every hairpin twist and turn as the sweltering sun beat down upon them.

“I think it solidifies where we are in our speed and fitness, but you know it’s a long season,” Hangos said.

The #808 of Jason Klammer’s Edelmann KTM threw some punches and stayed in the fight on the dirt playground, sticking it out for a gritty third place finish.

“The track is wicked hard packed and square edged, the whole entire way there is no break, you’re just pinned and holding on over the chop,” Klammer said.

BN JdayDozer 9318 1200

The trio rose to the occasion, standing in a familiar position, on top of the podium: Girroir (1), Hangos (2) and Klammer (3).

At the end of the sun drenched day, the track grooved a fine line between the men and the boys, but there is still a summer of battles to decide the victor.

Round three of the MSR J Day Off-Road GP series will take place at the Crow Hill GP on May 1 in Baldwinville, MA.

MSR J Day Off-Road Overall Championship

1. Jonathan Girroir

2. Kyle Hangos

3. Jason Klammer

4. Brendan Riordan

5. Jason Connell

6. Josh Cennamo

7. Nate Smith

7. Nicholas Hunter

8. Jason Langenback

9. Jacob Heins

10. Nick Kordana

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Words: Zach Giroux

Photos: Brian Nevin