GASGAS have revealed they will contest the Spanish Trials Championship on a new, TXE electric motorcycle “to collect valuable data” as they develop a battery-powered off-road machine with a gearbox and hydraulic clutch.

Why is this bit of trials bike news significant on Enduro21? Because it is Pierer Mobility aka the KTM Group rolling out a new electric motorcycle with a gearbox and a clutch. After they went quiet, and since some major new name are taking big strides in the world of electric dirt bikes, a sign of development from the Austrian manufacturer is overdue.

The TXE model is not new. It existed from the previous incarnation of GasGas and in fact won the FIM Trial E World Championship four times between 2017 and 2021 with Marc Colomer (2x), Loris Gubian and current TrialGP team manager Albert Cabestany (2x). This was before the project was seemingly moth-balled when Pierer Mobility bought the brand.

It turns out it wasn’t moth-balled but development continued behind closed doors, as this prototype reveals, with a new motor and battery. Putting it on display to compete in the Spanish Trial Championship with GASGAS Factory Racing’s former Trial2 World Champion Sondre Haga is a pretty public statement.

GASGAS say Haga will ride the latest version of their prototype “to collect valuable data for the GASGAS engineers developing the TXE.

“By rolling out on our prototype TXE trial bike this weekend in Spain, Sondre Haga will use the event to further develop the prototype in a true competitive environment.”

The previous incarnation of the TXE was developed by the original factory in Salt, northern Spain. When electric mobility manufacturer Torrot bought the GG brand, that’s when TXE development stepped up and they had that run of Trial E wins.

This new model is clearly a step forward with a new motor and battery design, and featuring gears and a hydraulic clutch, unlike some other electric off-road motorcycles out there. That battery looks like it is easily ‘unpluggable’ to switch out as well – although admittedly we are speculating.

This prototype is using the older chassis and frame type rather than the latest Pierer Group developed trials frame, debuted for the 2024 model petrol-powered GG model range.


This is not big enduro news but we figured you’d be as curious as us about what KTM were up to with electric motorcycle development. Trials remains a natural place for its development with battery range less of an issue and more torquey power character needed.

We actually rode the original Torrot developed TXE and it was one of the first electric motorcycles we’ve spent time on with comparable performance to an internal combustion engine equivalent bikes. That bike had quite a different battery position and engine unit compared to what we can see here.

Plus, we keep saying it, there was a clutch which makes a world of difference in Trials sport at least.


Photo Credit: GASGAS