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Enduro21 works hard to deliver an essential service to the enduro and off-road community, please consider supporting the growth and sustainability of Enduro21 with a one-time or recurring contribution.

Direct contributions allow us to continue delivering the very best news, reviews, tests, videos, interviews and global sports coverage, straight to your phones and desktops, every day of every month.

We appreciate your support.

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Passion for enduro

Enduro21 launched in February 2012. Quietly and without fanfare we set about building a home for all things enduro and off-road. Mixing enthusiasm and specialist knowledge with trial and error we put a metaphorical arm around woods riding and racing, and the site took off. Eight years on, still embracing all aspects of modern day enduro and off-road sport, Enduro21 is bigger and stronger than it’s ever been. We’ve welcomed more than five million unique visitors, which we’re pretty damn proud of.

We’re also extremely proud to be a bootstrapped off-road website that’s independently owned and run, pushing forward and always trying to be better. More importantly, we’re proud of the fact that Enduro21 has established a true home for enduro and off-road.

Enduro21 is a small, hard-working team of full-time, part-time and contributor staff. We pride ourselves on our content and stake our reputation on getting deep into the sport we’re passionate about. Our commitment to bringing the world of enduro and off-road straight to your phones and desktops, every day of every month, remains steadfast.

So, where to from here? Well, we simply want to continue making Enduro21 as good as we can, starting with this, our shiny new website. Our goal is to push forwards, creating and curating the content we know so many of you enjoy.

To those that have followed and supported our journey so far, thank you. We’re truly grateful.

A new way forward

Funding of news websites is digital publishing’s elephant in the room. It’s the media hot topic that everyone from international mega-corporations to independent, niche publishers (like ourselves) are wrestling with. It’s about how to build a fighting fund.

Internet = free has been the norm’ for so long. Your favourite websites are free, serving up content that’s paid for by advertisers. For the consumer, websites are great (a part of your moto lifestyle that comes at no cost!). For publishers, the funding game can be a blindfolded, arms-tied-behind-your-back tightrope walk, of sorts.

As everyone knows, creating and curating content is not free. That very same content that informs you, entertains you, makes you want to visit again, it all requires an investment of people, time, travel and equipment.

And that’s why Enduro21 has decided to make some changes – changes to the way we do business, so to speak. Changes that we hope will allow us to remain a sustainable, independent, free website while also doing more. We’ve decided to ask for your support.

It’s not a complete shift away from being advertiser funded, more a move away from being solely advertiser funded.

So, to wrap this up best we can, we’re betting on you! Rather, we’re hoping you’ll support us and allow us to build a strong, sustainable and prosperous future.   

If you’re a fan of what we do at Enduro21, please consider making an annual or occasional donation to keep us moving forward.

Enjoy the new Enduro21 website. We appreciate your support.

Jonty Edmunds

Enduro21 founder / publisher

PS: While COVID-19 has unquestionably forced us to take a long hard look at everything we do, asking you, the Enduro21 community, for support has been part of our plans for some time. Taking stock of how we do things during these challenging times has inspired us to push forwards, to not be afraid of asking for your support and, well, to keep on keeping on.