Adventure Bike Rider (ABR) Festival brings Adv and YouTube big-hitters Chris Birch and Adam Riemann (Motology Films) to display their skills live this June 28-30.

If you’re into adventure bikes then you’ll likely already have a mental list of places you want to ride, parts you want, your next bike upgrade, and people you watch on YouTube. If all those things, plus a tonne more, were in one place you’d jump at the chance wouldn’t you?

That’s a brief summary of a what’s install at the ABR Festival held annually in Ragley hall, Warwickshire in the UK – this year on June 28-30.

As any good festival should be, it’s a magnet for all things Adv and this year will attract some of the biggest names to a live GoPro arena including KTM ambassador Chris Birch and Motology Films’ Adam Riemann topping a billing (a list soaked in enduro riding talent it must be said).

The GoPro Arena at ABR consists of a series of steep ascents, declines, water crossings, jumps, and tight turns. Running on the Friday and Saturday of the ABR Festival it’s great chance to see the guys behind the videos and training schools doing their thing live.

Friday GoPro arena line-up:

17:30: Jack Challoner, Honda

17:45: Adam Riemann, Mystery Bike

18:00: Chris Birch, KTM

18:15: Dylan and Rowan Jones, Yamaha

18:30: Jake Edey, Royal Enfield

Saturday GoPro arena line-up:

17:30: Jack Challoner, Honda

17:45: Chris Birch, KTM

18:00: Dylan and Rowan Jones, Yamaha

18:15: Geoff Walker and Ben Milward, Suzuki

18:30: Mick Extance, Harley-Davidson

It’s just one of many things happening at one of, if not the largest adventure bike festivals in the world. Live stage talks from Adv travellers and stars, bike try-out demos, a whole world of kit and parts, live bands…if you’re into Adventure or trail riding it’s a go-to festival.

Tickets are selling out but you can still get them here: