Video highlights, results and onboard POV from the 2023 Novemberkasen, Sweden’s epic endurance race which is the maddest and baddest enduro on the planet, running all day and night race through brutal forest bogs, freezing weather conditions and an awesome woods festival for spectators – Niklas Persson claims a maiden win.


Novemberkasen fast facts:

  • Rule number one: November in Sweden is very cold, wet, snowy and dark
  • Riders face five tests in the day starting, plus all the tests two more times at night.
  • 169 riders got underway at 9am on Saturday morning with just 68 making it to finish, the last of which was around 5am on Sunday morning.
  • Part of the attraction, for fans at least, is the almost festival-like atmosphere in the woods at night.
  • Niklas Persson claimed a maiden win with a total test time of 8:49.18, just 40 faster than recent Gotland Grand National winner, Albin Elowson. Eemil Pohjola was third on 8:22.14.
  • Hanna Berzelius topped the women’s category in 59th place and bang-on 12 hours on the clock, 15 minutes ahead of Matilda Huss
  • Last of the official finishers clocked in with a total of 13:45.11 across the 14 tests…

Hop onboard with Albin Elowson for one of the enduro tests below.

2023 Novemberkasen results (top 20):


Full results:


Onboard POV with Albon Elowson



Video Credit: Mikael Bellon