Video highlights from the 2024 Hixpania Hard Enduro in Spain where rain caused the Friday street races to be officially canned by the FIM but they went ahead and raced the “SuperEncierro” anyway...

Just for the crowds and for no points, the Hixpania Hard Enduro got off to a slightly chaotic start thanks to some rain and decision by the FIM to remove the street prologue races from having any effect on the penultimate Hard Enduro World Championship race this weekend in Spain.

The decision made sense, the Aguila de Campoo city street prologue runs on some pretty slick paving and it would have been dangerous to send world championship riders out in those conditions.

But with the rain stopped and warmish temperatures, things dried out and for the sake of the crowd the racing went ahead anyway with many saying they made the decision a bit too hastily – although the fading light was part of the issue also. There’s also the small matter of some prize money on the line for the podium...(insert thoughtful emoji here).

Either way, the race was fittingly chaotic as Mani Lettenbichler, Alfredo Gomez and Billy Bolt traded the lead and took turn to make mistakes.

Bolt took the win in the end but not before almost throwing it away in the last obstacle. The Husqvarna rider was left to curse the FIM’s decision slightly because the usual three points awarded for the win would/could have helped his bid for second in the world championship fight after Trystan Hart finished down the order.

Qualifying therefore took place on the Saturday (results to follow in separate story) with Bolt also taking he win ahead of Wade Young and Mani Lettenbichler third.  


Photo Credit: Future7media | Nicki Martinez