Two Stroke Performance announce “game changing” new handheld tuning and diagnostic tool, the ECU Reflash Module (ERM) bringing “new levels of tunability” to the latest generation of two-stroke off-road bikes.

Two Stroke Performance (TSP) say their new “ERM” ECU reflash module is a game changer designed to be a plug and play tuning tool for current fuel injected and servo power valve two-strokes.

As this video explains, the touch screen tool can be mounted to the handlebars to use while riding or you can plug it in and use as a hand-held device in the workshop (if you don’t want it on your bars).

Basically it plugs in and pairs to your ECU and features include: allows you to switch between stock ECU map and TSP tuned map, live dash data, adjustments to fuel, ignition, oil and power valve (model dependent), reading and clearing fault codes and data logging.

You might be familiar with similar Apps available for both Austrian bikes and Japanese four-stroke but this new device is for two-strokes. That means all TPI bikes with a version for the new TBI models in the near future, plus one for the Sherco 300 carbed bike coming soon too.

TSP have been at the forefront of aftermarket tuning of the two-stroke enduro bikes in recent years and in particular the Austrian TPI models with injector relocation kits, ECU reflashing and more.


More on this new piece of kit when Enduro21 gets a test.