From Green Hell at Erzbergrodeo, Lagares’ rocky climbs to the Impossible hills of Romaniacs – our top five videos of the hardest sections in extreme enduro...

Continuing our ‘five of the best’ look at enduro videos, we’re focusing here on the hardest of Extreme Enduros and the intense moments within them. Witness the struggle.

Erzbergrodeo ­– pure hell

All of Erzbergrodeo is hell but you’ll be hard pushed (excuse the pun) to find a more difficult section of extreme enduro than Grüne Hölle or Green Hell. We’ve picked this one out from 2019 purely for the brutal reality of it.


Red Bull Romaniacs – the ‘Impossible’ hill

Ride onboard with the WESS top riders as they zig-zag their ways up one of the 2019 Romaniacs’ signature hillclimbs.


Hixpania Hard Enduro – rock gardens like no other

Watch Graham Jarvis at his mountain goat best picking his way through the insane rock garden at Hixpania Hard Enduro 2019. Many said it was too much but you wouldn’t know it…


Extreme Lagares – glassy gullies

Lagares is the traditional opening round of WESS and famous for its endless uphill rocky gullies. The rocks are like wet glass to ride up and brutal when you fall back down them…


The Tough One – extreme toughness 

One of the longest standing Extreme Enduros, The Tough One is an early season event notorious for its riding conditions as much as severity (much like Getzenrodeo). Graham Jarvis is king here but David Knight has a strong record round the Nant Mawr quarry’s intense course.