New model two-stroke enduro bikes from the Spanish manufacturer Jotagas are in final stages of development – competitive pricing and Ohlins suspension standout features on the hand-built bikes.

We’ve been expecting new model enduro bikes from the Northern Spanish manufacture Jotagas for some time now. In fact we thought they were coming before now after we’d heard they were in final stages of development earlier in 2020. But a delay with a handful of parts coming from different global suppliers affected final production before Covid came and caused its own issues.

But they’re real and though we’re not looking at a final production bike here, it’s pretty close to the 2021 300cc, two-stroke enduro model including Ohlins suspension and a new brand name.

They’re changing their name to G2 Grup, on the bike just G2 alongside the X-Trem graphic. Confusingly that may be different depending on whether you live in Europe or North America because, due to copyright infringements. The plan is to stick with the Jotagas name in the US which or JTG which was adopted on the trials bikes in Europe for a while.

Swedish gold suspension

Details on the specifications are non-existent at the moment and we remain in the dark regarding exactly what spec the standard bike will arrive wearing and if there will be different model options. We can only tell you what we can see and but we understand the bike will line-up with all of the competitors in terms of weight and seat height.

The saucy fact we can all see are the Ohlins suspension units front and rear. Standard suspension is a major talking point for many no matter which manufacturer and if the G2 comes with Ohlins as standard it should keep some two-stroke junkies happy at least.

The bike has electric start and kickstart to fire up JTG’s own design engine which has been in development for over a decade. Certain parts are familiar including the steel frame, aluminium swingarm, Excel rims, Michelin Enduro tyres and Brembo brakes – some look the same as featured on different enduro models including KTMs.

Price is not yet set officially for Europe, more on that when we get official communication, but in the US the price will be a very competitive $8500, which is $1500 less than a KTM and $2200 less than a Sherco we understand.

Covid has caused many problems (and continues to affect shipment of the bikes across the Atlantic we understand) but it has proved that bikes, like everything else, can be bought online and shipped directly to your door. And that’s the plan in North America where the importers will operate with no dealers – a fact which helps with that $8500 price tag.


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