Feast your eyes on the fastest two-stroke in SuperEnduro, Jonny Walker’s Beta RR Racing 300, the bike challenging the 4T massive and taking Billy on indoors.

It’s been business as usual for the opening two rounds of the 2023 SuperEnduro World Championship. Billy Bolt picked up exactly where he left off the last season with dominant results and, in a way, it was like nothing had changed.

BUT, it ain’t been as easy as it looks because this red and blue two-stroke has been keeping Billy honest on the time sheets and the rider, Jonny Walker has been back on form.

JW22 almost claimed the Superpole win at round two and went onto clinch a moto win, becoming the first rider to take a race off Bill in over a year.

So as riders and teams get set up in the Energiesystem Arena, Riesa, for Saturday night’s races, Enduro21 takes a closer look at Walker’s Beta RR Racing 300 two-stroke, a bike challenging the established four-stroke order.


Walker’s blazed a trail this last few seasons on the 2T, arguably making others wake up and smell the coffee as we see more and more riders are jumping back on the two-strokes indoors this season.

“More agile”, “easier to ride in some of the obstacles”, “faster off the gate”…these are some of the arguments for the 2T versus 4T indoors.

Big DIY guy

As we’ve already noted on Enduro21, it’s remarkable how little help Walker has sometimes had from the Beta factory given he is supposed to be a supported rider.

Hell, he didn’t even get a new bike out of them as he arrived at round one of the season with last year’s bike untouched, and not even started since the last round of 2023. Jonny was working on his own bike between motos and relying on mates to help – much like he had for a lot of ‘23.


Things changed for round two in Krakow where Fabrizio Dini, race team manager for Beta’s EnduroGP riders Brad Freeman and Nathan Watson, arrived for some much-needed support (we even spotted him bleeding brakes up – a rare treat for this bike!).

It seemed to help as Jonny could relax and chill between motos, concentrate on the racing and physically prepping himself while Dini did the work. The results show it had an effect.

Hey, good looking, are you stock or not?

There’s a largely stock Beta RR 300 under this bling Beta. Jonny has had some help from the Beta factory on the engine and suspension he told us but, “nothing major, other than that it is normal stuff anyone would do: setting it up to suit yourself, making sure the jetting is right indoors, setting the gearing so we can run one gear basically (second or third around a whole lap), and tyres and mousses.”

Jonny runs the Michelin extreme (Xtrem) soft tyres and “medium-ish” mousses, depending on the track obstacles. Mainly though it’s a case of having nice, gummy tyre but not too much roll or squish from the mousse. At the time of taking these photos he was on 13-48 final drive gearing on the ZF sprockets.


“You can change the power so much by just by jetting it differently depending on conditions, so we lean it off for the indoors compared to extreme or hard enduro.” Jonny told us. “There are a few little things like we take the power valve spacer off and stuff like that but pretty much it’s just the same engine and chassis just with totally different suspension settings, just a lot stiffer.”

Underneath it all is basically a standard Beta chassis and 300cc engine with the side stand removed (to get it out the way). A couple of other things to note are the three security bolts in the rear rim to keep hold of that tyre, the long Akrapovic silencer on the end of the Arrow header/expansion pipe and the lower frame protectors are removed, just above the footrests, for that little less width and boot grip feel.

Pick of the parts list

It’s a long list of parts added by Jonny from sponsors with some added for strength and improved performance like the SM Pro wheels and hubs. In matching anodised red they look sweet in the flesh along with the AS3 parts on clutch casing and brake/clutch reservoirs.


JW22 Beta RR Racing 300 non-standard parts list:

SM Pro wheels and hubs

Galfer dics

AXP Racing sump guard

FunnelWeb air filter

Raptor Titanium footpegs

Akrapovic exhaust

ZF sprockets

Blackbird seat

Geco Special Parts triple clamps

Renthal (827 bend) handlebars and grips

Michelin Xtrem tyres and mousses



Photo Credit: Future7Media | Nicki Martinez