Suzuki make no updates to the 2024 RM-Z 450 and RM-Z250 models – wouldn’t there be more yellow bikes out there in enduro if they followed Kawasaki’s lead with an X model?

Nothing to see here, move along. It feels like we’re a stuck record but it remains the fact that Suzuki is keeping on keeping on with the same RM-Z 450 and RM-Z 250 models for 2024. What can we say?

Ken Roczen might be proving the critics wrong in Supercross and Motocross but he is surely an exception. What isn’t exceptional is an affordable price and a ready to go race bike, albeit a not very sophisiticated one. For a lot of riders wanting a new bike, this is the bottom line.

The basic RM-Z package comes with a bulletproof chassis and engine, a tuner App, Showa coil spring forks and Showa rear suspension and brakes in proven package. Having a dependable, simple bike matters to some and for those who can’t bear life without a kickstart, why not go whole hog and have no other option?

It’s shame Suzuki don’t make the same step reaping rewards for Kawasaki and make an X version (again). Rarely do we see yellow bikes in enduro these days but they are out there with an 18-inch rear wheel. The basics are solid and there are some specialists about who make larger tanks, lighting kits and protective parts.

There’s an Army Edition on sale in the US, basically a different set of graphics and a sweet Pro Circuit exhausts system. Buy an RM-Z 450 or RM-Z 250 during September and you get this upgrade for free we understand.

2024 SUZUKI RM-Z450/250 key features:

  • Fuel-injected engines
  • Evolved traction management system
  • Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC)
  • Aluminum frame and swingarm
  • Showa Coil spring fork
  • Showa BFRC (Balance Free Rear Cushion) shock
  • Bridgestone X30 tyres
  • Large 270mm front brake discs
  • Compact rear master cylinder design helps prevent mud from collecting on it, and from snagging on rider’s boots
  • Narrow cockpit
  • Suzuki’s MX-Tuner 2.0 provides quick fuel injection and ignition tuning through an easy-to-use smartphone application
  • Fuel couplers are also included for quick and easy EFI tuning

Prices: 9US$, GBP7.5, €9.2 (RM-Z 450)/ 8US$, 7GBP, €8.5 (RM-Z250)


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