Enduro21 does a double take seeing a new Yamaha Tenere Extreme Edition (plus a new T7 Explore), ‘designed to tackle the more technical trails’ they say, but can you buy it?

Since Yamaha launched the Tenere 700 in 2019, more than 40,000 bikes have been sold in Europe alone. They reinforced the T7 range with the World Raid model last year, a big and capable adventure bike fit for world travel standing alongside it’s popular and more nimble brother.

For 2023 Yamaha have added two new model variants to the T7 range: the Extreme Edition and the Explore Edition. The only downer, Tenere fans, is you’ll have to live in the right part of the world (or travel) to buy one. The new Extreme and Explore models are limited to the German, French and Italian markets at present.

The good news is Yamaha claim they are more designed for off-road riders. The Extreme is for those who fear technical trails less while the Explore is more for long-distance travellers – or for those looking for a lower model than stock with better luggage carrying skills…


Tenere700 Extreme Edition

The purpose of the Tenere700 Extreme Edition, according to Yamaha, is to make the stock T7 more agile on the rougher terrain. It’s equipped with improved KYB forks (with Kashima coating), fully adjustable in compression, rebound and preload, and with 230mm of travel (20mm more than the standard model).

The rear suspension has been upgraded with a new and fully adjustable 220mm (20mm more than stock) of travel KYB shock that is “more progressive to improve traction”.


Other new accessories as standard include an aluminium grill to protect the radiator and a high enduro type fender to prevent mud from blocking the wheel – If you look closely you’ll see it also mounts a low fender only at the rear of the T7 wheel, but this can be easily removed.

The underside of the engine is also well protected with an aluminium skid plate and it also has a new tough chain guide to prevent it from coming off. The standard footrests have been replaced by titanium ones with 35% more surface area which helps a lot with standing riding. Plus they have mounted a flatter, off-road style seat 20mm higher than the standard one.


Tenere700 Extreme Edition highlights:

  • KYB 43mm diameter fully adjustable fork with Kashima coating, 230mm of travel (20mm more than the Tenere700).
  • Fully adjustable KYB cartridge shock, 220mm of travel (20mm more than the Tenere 700)
  • 260mm ground clearance (20mm more than the Tenere 700)
  • One-piece flat seat with additional 20mm padding offering a higher 910mm saddle height
  • 5-inch TFT screen connected with three colour settings
  • Slip-resistant, lightweight titanium footpegs with 35% more surface area
  • High front fender, enduro style, colour matched
  • Radiator guard and aluminium chain guide
  • Available in Icon Blue and Tech Kamo
  • Price: €11,899.00

Yamaha Tenere 700 Explore Edition

"With its seat lowered and its greater comfort, the new Tenere700 Explore Edition is aimed to facilitate the discovery of new horizons." This is how the Japanese brand presents this new model, and the truth is that it is quite accurate. In short it is a beefed-up version of the standard Tenere 700 rather than a scaled up version like the World Raid model launched last year.

Unlike the Extreme, the Explore seeks to be a more docile life and for this it has 20mm less travel both in the front and in the rear suspension (than the standard T7). With a different seat that reduces height to 860mm.


Counteracting that but for a very real purpose, the Explore also carries harder springs in the fork and shock for better support when the bike is loaded – so less squat which can be a problem for some on the stock model when travelling.

The screen on this model is also taller and wider than the standard one, 50% in total they claim, which reduces the impact of the wind on the rider and incorporates a quick-change system specific to the Tenere.

At the rear of the bike it has side supports installed as standard to transport your cases and luggage all of which are available in the accessories catalogue of course.


Tenere 700 Explore highlights:

  • New 43mm KYB fork, 190mm front wheel travel (20mm less than the Tenere 700)
  • Remote adjustable shock, 180mm rear wheel travel (20mm less than Tenere 700)
  • Seat height reduced to 860mm for greater stability when stopped and greater manoeuvrability (20mm less than the Tenere 700)
  • 50% larger screen for better wind protection
  • Originally fitment side case holders
  • Choice of genuine Yamaha hard or soft side cases (additional cost)
  • Available in Icon Blue and Tech Kamo
  • Price: €11,799.00


More information: www.yamaha-motor.eu  


Photo Credit: Yamaha