It’s taken us a while, but we finally got to see the production version of the all-new Triumph TF 250-X in the flesh at the MCN London Motorcycle Show.

The London Motorcycles Show might largely be all about street bikes but with a decent list of manufacturers present, there’s at least a sprinkling of off-road in among it.

Star of the show from our POV is the Triumph TF 250-X which makes its global debut at the in the London docklands as a production model.

Naturally we wanted a closer look and figured you might also so grab a few ‘happy snaps’, aas its nice not to have manufacturer’s sterile images.

Although it’s always hard to get a good look at a bike show there were actually a surprising number of people taking their chance to sit on the 250-X seat and stand on the pegs – token quote overheard: “It’s nice, I wish they’d make a trail bike version”...(we reckon it’s coming mate).


When’s the enduro version coming?

Well, on that note, the global motocross model launch is imminent, in Florida, we understand followed by a roll-out of bikes to international distributors shortly turn the 450-X will follow and the enduro version(s) are due later this year, Triumph tell us, so stay tuned.

What’s our impressions of the 250-X in the flesh? Well, you can see some unique elements and quite naturally also that Triumph have done their homework studying the rival machines. There are plenty of hints of other bikes in there but we’re of the mind to say of course there are, if you’re designing a 250 four-stroke motocross bike in 2024 it’s gonna basically look like this.

Triumph’s aim isn’t to re-invent the wheel but compete with the big dogs and sell motorbikes.


The Triumph colours look good in the flesh too with a simple design and finish, neat and tidy you might say. Plus, all the right components like Brembo brakes and KYB suspension are reassuring to see and what about that four-button switch module on the left handle bar? (We listed more details on those in our original “first look” story here: First look: Triumph reveal TF 250-X off-road model

Some are criticising the elements which look familiar (which is kind of unavoidable isn’t it? How many ways are there to skin a cat?), but the frame has a uniqueness from what we could see and not actually that close to any other aluminium framed bikes on the market as we hear and read people saying – although we’d love to have taken the tank off to look at it better.

Sure, you can point to footrests, throttle housing, grips and grips even to draw comparisons but that snake of the swingarm, where it exits the frame and forks behind the footrests, looks smart and not like anything else. 

The engine design looks different up close too, not just a version of other European-built 250F models – like the frame, we wish we had more details.


Anecdotally we hear from riders who’ve ridden the bikes that it’s a good one that handles well, has nice power and basically that Triumph have hit the nail on the head in matching, possibly exceeding their rivals.

It would be daft for it to be anything otherwise and there are quite a few people waiting to get their hands on one.

Other than that we have now further technical details at present but hope to get a ride, and a chance to quiz some design engineers asap.


Photo Credit: Enduro21