We can’t get enough of this KTM 50 EXC Mini.

Is this the coolest looking enduro bike KTM should be making? We think so!

With KTM’s 2017 enduro launch just around the corner, our collective brains here in enduro21 got a little giddy about just what to expect. 

One thing led to another and somehow we arrived to the mystical 50 EXC Mini being the new bike we want to see. 

Ok, so ground height may be a slight issue when it comes to sailing over logs and rocks but we still reckon it’s got to be the perfect little option for any mini woods ripper who wants to get riding.

Sadly, we don’t think KTM have any plans to build a 50 EXC Mini in the near future, but damn, we now kinda wish they would!

Anyhow, next week is the official launch of KTM’s 2017 enduro range. And we’ll be there in Spain to bring you all the latest news of what’s on offer for the coming model range. We’ll probably be putting in a request for one of these too.

Stay tuned for news on the new stuff and have an awesome weekend’s riding…