Answering that old question about e-start enduro bikes, KTM’s ‘all you need’ kick-starter kit is the solution for standard, 2020 EXC 250/300cc TPI two-strokes.


When we announced the current crop of EXC and subsequently Husqvarna Enduro 250 and 300 fuel injected two-strokes were coming without kickstarts as standard it became a hot topic among enduro riders – that old “yeah but what if the battery goes flat?” conundrum. 

It strikes fear into some while others point out the four strokes (their bikes usually) do fine without one.

The fact is sometimes things do go wrong and more importantly many people want the kick-starter to fall back on so they are not stranded miles from their van or worse in the middle of the mountains somewhere. 


The solution is the kick-starter kit available from the KTM Power Parts catalogue or Husqvarna Accessories range. The complete kit for 250 and 300 cc TPI models contains all the parts you need to install the kick-starter on your bike.

DIY or get an expert on the job?

Obviously fitting the kit depends on your skill levels and workshop facilities. We spoke to Eurotek KTM, a UK-based bike shop and race team with huge experience, and they say although some people always want to do the work themselves, the majority will take their bike to a KTM (or Husqvarna) dealer. The whole job should take a qualified technician around an hour to complete so it is not a bank breaker.

The part itself is fitted to the factory KTM and Husqvarna bikes like Graham Jarvis's (below) for racing Romaniacs.



Adding the condenser 

Adding the condenser into the equation is a simple solution KTM specialists Eurotek include as part of the kit package for bikes going through their workshop. Their team bikes racing WESS events like Romaniacs and Ezberg get the same treatment and it solves any issue with the bike going dead as a door nail. 



But what is it? “The best way to describe it is it acts like a very small battery delivering enough power to operate the fuel pump and injectors if your bike is completely flat – because the only time you will use the kick-start is when your bike is flat.” Explains Monika from Eurotek. “The condenser is actually a KTM part but we make our own wiring for it and for a little extra add it to the package with the starter kit.” Simply they make it a “plug and play” part which makes the job quicker at installation.


Prices will vary depending on your location in the world of course. The RRP for the kick-starter kit is £244.26 in UK money from Eurotek. With the condenser their package price is £283 plus an hour’s labour. Check your local dealer. 


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Photo Credit: Enduro21+ Marcin Kin + KTM/H. Mitterbauer