First look at Beta USA’s dual sport, off-road model range for 2023 – the street legal bikes which share the RR enduro range platform for the North American market.

Beta USA has announced the 2023 RR-S model range, the dual sport models designed for the USA market which share the same platform as the RR enduro models straight outta Italy.

Available in four engine sizes – 350, 390, 430, or 500 Beta USA’s dual sport RR-S range has “a different riding personality” depending on which one you like the look of. The 4T models share the frame, engine, suspension, brakes, and a host of other parts with the RR bikes from Beta but with street legal components added to meet current EPA regulations.   

Upgrades for 2023 from Italy across all Beta models included an updated ECU mapping with traction control, an improved front fork with updated internals, as well as the new plastics with updated tank shrouds and new graphics.


Among the standard features on all RR-S models from Beta USA is the legendary Trail Tech Voyager GPS unit. This meter package has more than 40 functions they say including a full GPS with downloadable trail maps, altitude readings, engine temp, outside temp, trip meter, hour meter, and many more functions.

There’s a different rear suspension linkage also compared to the standard RR models which provides a better ride than the competition bikes. Add in there Galfer wave rotors, hydraulic clutch, electric start, plus more than 500 accessories available to build the bike of your preference.

2023 Beta USA RR-S model technical highlights:

  • Front Fork: Beta Italy’s engineers have revised the internals of the front fork - a ZF component, as on the previous generation. The geometry of the oil passages around the fork piston has been modified to eliminate any air in the system to ensure impeccably smooth fork action throughout the suspension travel. This broadens performance as the rider changes the external compression and rebound settings and improves rider comfort, keeping the bike “composed and controllable even in rough terrain conditions”.
  • Radiator shrouds: The new rad shrouds are narrower than before to give the rider more freedom of movement, especially when cornering. Designed to be sleek and contribute to the revised, new look of the models.
  • Graphics: all models now feature a new all-red colours, more minimalist than before, with bold, clearly defined more modern lines which emphasize the shape of the bike linking with the new shrouds.
  • Suspension Package: the RR-S comes with the same suspension package as the standard RR two and four-stroke models with a ZF fork, with its improvements listed above, and the Sachs/ZF rear shock matched with the front fork for a balanced ride.
  • Rear suspension linkage: unlike others in the category, Beta RR-S models have a linkage system in the rear suspension for a more plush trail feel with the ability to react to sharp square-edged hits.
  • Engines: available in 350, 390. 430, and 500. These engines are at the same design tune as the off-road RR models and offer riders a choice of a wet or dry riding map for different riding conditions.
  • Traction control: the most significant feature in the 2023 RR-S range made its debut last year in the Racing range makes performance more accessible to the rider in any situation. The traction control function is selectable with a button on top of the fuel tank with a choice of four different options across the two selectable maps. The rider can disengage traction control at any time.
  • Trail Tech Voyager: the most popular off-road GPS meter on the market providing more than 30 different features starting with a full-featured GPS, total miles, trip meter, engine hours, engine temp, outside temp, tachometer, as well as many more.

Cost: Street legal off-road specification (+ taxes, delivery fees, license) 

350 RR-S - $11,499.00

390 RR-S - $11,599.00

430 RR-S - $11,699.00

500 RR-S - $11,799.00

Availability: November 2022


Watch for Beta USA’s BYOB (Build Your Own Beta) in 2023. Details on this programme will be announced in the near future they say.

Information on the 2023 Xtrainer will come in September and the 2023 RR Race Editions in October (USA market).


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