100% Speedlab LLC (100%) and H&H Sports Protection Group Limited (H&H) have agreed to settle their dispute concerning the design of goggles sold under the Just1 brand.

100% and H&H have been engaged in legal proceedings concerning distinctive features (the ‘goggle bump’) of 100% brand motocross goggles and H&H marketing a similar design in the EU under the Just1 brand name.

The good news is things have been resolved amicably and all legal disputes have been settled. All parties concerned released a joint statement (May 14, 2021) declaring that “under the terms of the confidential settlement agreement, all pending legal actions will be dismissed.”

Ludovic Boinnard, CEO of 100%, stated: “I am very happy with the outcome of this settlement and it means we can now focus exclusively on what we do best – making innovative motocross products and competing on the track rather than spending time and money in the courtroom.”

Tony Amoriello, Founder of JUST1 brand and General Manager of H&H Sports Protection Srl, stated: “...we have very good relationships with all our competitors worldwide included 100%. I respect Ludo for the great work he has done with 100% brand. I wanted to keep our friendship above this issue so we worked hard to find an agreement satisfactory to both parties and stop these legal actions in order to direct all our energies to develop exclusive and unique products with our own designer team and continue the healthy grow that JUST1 brand is having in the off-road market.”

Some background from each manufacturer concerned about their products

100%, based in San Diego, California, is an independent premium sports brand and the global leader in goggle technology. 100% empowers today’s most demanding athletes with the highest quality equipment they need to compete at the top of a wide variety of sports.

JUST1, based in Pistoia, Italy, was born in 2012 with the goal to produce one of the best off-road helmets. Now, and after only 10 years, JUST1 produces and sells worldwide several models of helmets, goggle, gear and is multi times MX world champions.

The passion for off-road and Motosport in general brings JUST1 to enter also in the on-road field with a very high-tech helmet who is the first item that will be followed in the next future by other interesting products always thinking about racers and users with a sport soul.