New 1-litre X-Shaped bottle from Motorex to replace the old “elephant trunk” design.

At EICMA, MOTOREX has presented the successor to the 1-litre container, known as the “elephant trunk”. The design of the new x-bottle has been redeveloped from scratch and is modelled on the letter ‘x’ from the brand name. With its distinctive lines and angular shape, it clearly stands out from the competition. The container is particularly practical to use and has also been optimised to meet the needs of trade and logistics.

After over 20 years, MOTOREX is replacing its 1-litre elephant trunk. This bottle won multiple design prizes thanks to its innovative shape with a flexible spout. It enjoys a legendary reputation in the industry and has become a trademark for MOTOREX, making the requirements for the successor container all the more exacting. The new X-bottle was developed on the back of the same key ideas and is impressive because of its outstanding, innovative and functional design. With its fundamental shape being based on the ‘x’ from the brand name MOTOREX, the container is an eye-catcher that is sure to be recognised time and time again.

The X-bottle is satisfying to use with an integrated, extendable spout and a sophisticated ventilation system that prevents low pressure and thus the annoying “burping” of the oil when pouring. A small central opening in the top of the container ensures it can be emptied fully in an optimal way and the built-in tamper-proof seal guarantees the product’s original quality. It is particularly comfortable to hold thanks to its tapered waist. With an imprint of an individual QR code that links buyers to the relevant product information, it also takes account of modern purchasing behaviour.

The requirements of the trade were held in particularly high regard. The integration of the spout waived the need for a separate protective cap, meaning fewer individual parts have to be installed. With its sturdy structure, compact design and high level of stability, it is ideally suitable for shipping. The 25% lower space requirement is particularly appealing when it comes to presenting the product on shop shelves. This also allows for a significant increase in the utilisation of pallet capacity, boosting shipping efficiency.

“Developing a successor to the legendary elephant trunk was a major and exciting task for us”, says Edi Fischer, Managing Director of MOTOREX. “We are very pleased with the result and are convinced that it will become an eye-catcher for dealers.”