The Indonesian brand Deli Tire brings a new set of off-road enduro tyres to the market thanks to the collaboration of Spanish distributor REDD Parts.

Deli Tire is exclusively distributed by REDD Parts and after a collaboration between the two brands they have brought two new enduro tyres to the market, the SB120SF-SB121SF and SB120MD-SB121MD.

REDD Parts is a main distributor in the off-road market with a wide experience in the tyre sector and thanks to their collaboration with the Indonesian brand the new tyres have FIM homologation and a great price-performance relationship.

To cover all riding conditions the tyres are available in two compounds, soft and medium. The Deli Tire Blue (soft) is an extreme tyre build with a soft carcase to maximize traction while the Deli Tire Red (medium) is aimed for traditional enduro.

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