Iconic Italian off-road clothing and parts specialists Acerbis announce well-priced, new off-road Whoops Boots with premium design features.

The perfect off-road boot must be “protective, lightweight and, durable” -fair enough we say as we take a look at the Acerbis Whoops which claim to off all of the above plus offer “freedom of movement and sensitivity when riding”.

The Whoops incorporates these features with solid design and a list of specifications which normally would point towards a higher-priced off-road boot.

Features include shin guards to protect the front of the leg and a moulded structure around the boot and heel designed to absorb shocks.

The jointed cuff reduces lateral hyperflexion of the ankle Acerbis say, to allow mobility and sensitivity but remain protective against common dirt bike injuries.


The toe area design reduces the height between the sole and the shift lever too which is a positive some riders will take note of given the number of boots on the market which are large in this area.

The four aluminium lever boot fasteners are adjustable to fit different lower leg sizes plus there’s a unidirectional upper Velcro fastener, which attaches the gaiter to the leg, simply by closing the upper lever.

On the inside the details include fabric padding called 3D Mesh, which promotes ventilation and air circulation, a rubber insert which is resistant to the high temperatures of the exhaust, and an “anatomical” footbed designed to reduce impacts during landings from jumps.

The Acerbis anti-shock two-component sole is the stuck on type, rather than the sewn-on sole and is designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by the aggressive footpegs as well as protecting against impacts and compressions plus they resist oil and petrol.

Colours: Orange/Black, Black/White and Grey/Yellow Fluo

Sizes: 39 to 47

Cost: €299.95 (prices for ROW not yet known)


More information: www.acerbis.com