Polisport has launched these new Bullit Full Wrap Around (FWA) off-road handguards, a high-impact resistant plastic wrap around frame makes them light but tough enough for tree dodging.

There are different schools of thought with handguards in enduro and there are as many buying options as there are opinions. From light and ventilated roost deflectors to full-on, metal wrap-around type which knock lumps out of trees before they break, where and how you ride dictates which you prefer to fit.

The fact remains, protecting your hands, levers, clutch and brake master cylinders are a must for enduro riders.

Aiming squarely at combining those different options and giving you a handguard which answers a wider remit, Polisport has added to their already extensive range with the new Bullit Full Wrap Around model.

What’s different about them? They wrap around for a start, clamping onto the end and bar bend like other do but the protective frame is constructed from tough, high-impact resistant plastic, not aluminium. That makes them lighter than metal types but still with “high levels of protection and resistance” Polisport claim.

Aluminum type handguards are solid as hell but the bar and bracketing adds weight and at least some additional stress to the handlebars where they clamp. At the other end of the scale, the flexible roost deflector type guards which are common in motocross are super-light and can bat rocks away from knuckles but are less robust at brushing trees and don't like being dropped in the rocks.

Withouth the weight of hte metal wrap around types but with the strength to take a beating, the Bullit FWA promises to deliver a wide range of application in enduro.

The Bullit guard is an existing model from Polisport which can be converted by purchasing the plastic bar from the new FWA separately – they front deflector plate attaches separately to both Bullit models.

Fitment is as simple as it ever is with any handguard system and bolts into the end of the handle bar and onto the handlebars inside hte master cylinders, on the bend with a two-bolt clamp.

Colour options: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Nardo Grey, Red and White.

Price: TBA


More information: www.polisport.com