Polisport has released new plastic kits for some of the iconic off-road bikes from the early 1990s including classic Honda CR, Suzuki RM, Kawasaki KX and Yamaha YZ two-stroke models.

Polisport say their replica plastics were developed to have the look and feel of OEM (original equipment) parts that the “passionate” evo or ‘90s classic owners will appreciate. Their range of replacements plastics and facelift (upgrading older models to look newer) is already huge for enduro, off-road and motocross, but the range grows again to help out the ever-growing evo scene.

The new range for early ‘90s bikes includes front and rear fenders, radiator scoops, side panels, number plates, and fork guards. The only thing missing is the matching lighting front and rear for enduro-spec model!

Polisport’s new retrofit range includes:

  • Honda OEM colour kits for CR 125 91-92 and 93-94, CR250 90-91, CR500 91-94 and 95-00, and CRF250RX 19-21.
  • Yamaha’s replica OEM colour complete kits for YZ65 19-23 and YZ125/250 93-95
  • Kawasaki OEM colour kits for models including KX 85 22-23, KX125 90-91, KX125 92, 93 and 94-95, KX250 90-91, and KX250 93.
  • New Suzuki kits is for the RM125/250 94-95, including OEM yellow front and rear fenders, radiator scoops, side panel and number plate.
  • Husqvarna complete kits for TC/FC  14-15 and TE/FE  14-16 in white.
  • KTM ’00 onwards SX models have OEM colour kits have a combination of an orange front fender, radiator scoops and number plate, and a black rear fender and side panel.

This kits are just part of a series of new releases from Polisport for models of the brands above. In total they say there’s almost 200 new parts, in OEM colours and options like grey or black, available and ready to fit on your bike.

Check the application/fitment list here.


More information: www.polisport.com