Take a quick look at Adventure Spec’s luggage systems for the KTM 690, GASGAS 700 and Husqvarna 701 models – simple designs from people who test on the trail and follow the philosophy “light is right”.

UK-based manufacturer of all things adventure and trail (all things off-road in general?), Adventure Spec, have updated their luggage system range for the Austrian “unicorn” range of KTM/GASGAS/Husqvarna bikes, the 690, 700 and 701 models which are so popular with trail and dual sport riders.

The range is updated with a set of rear and side racks to fit the Husky 701 – basically because, as Adventure Spec point out, the fixtures and fittings between the KTM 690, GASGAS 700 and Husqvarna 701 are different.


The new Husqvarna 701 racks follow the same design as the GASGAS and KTM hard parts, but are finely-tuned to fit the different design of the white bike.

Claiming to be strong and light, the racks are manufactured from 5mm aluminium (alloy 5754) they are available in variety of colours. The luggage rack has a claimed weight of 1562g/3.4lb and is rated for luggage not exceeding 4kg/8.8lb. The side luggage racks weigh a claimed 2711g/5.9lb.

Note, they are not interchangeable between KTM and GG models (which are interchangeable), the Husky ones are different fittings.

Cost: side racks £249, luggage racks £125

Shipping: across UK/Europe/USA


Check out other hard parts for the 690/700/701 models here and more information: www.adventurespec.com