Having trouble removing the radiator cap for your 2023 KTM or Husqvarna off-road bike? Bullet Proof Designs’ Radiator Cap Remover is a dead simple solution.

2023 bikes from KTM and Husqvarna have been arriving with a new radiator cap design which has changed from the standard metal cap with wings, used by many motorcycle manufacturers for so many years, to a lightweight, cylindrical plastic type cap.

New owners are reporting it has made removing the cap harder because those wings have gone – it’s harder to grip basically and there is nothing to get a purchase on.

Bullet Proof Designs put their thinking caps on (ahem!) and designed a solution making it easier to remove the cap. This 3D printed tool makes it easy to remove the plastic cap simply by slotting over the top of the OEM part and giving you extra lug to be able to push and turn the OEM cap off the radiator.


Cost: $16.99

More information: www.bulletproofdesigns.com