Eleveit presents two new X Privilege colours for 2024 – the Italian manufacturer’s versatile, lightweight and lower price-point off-road boot for enduro, trail, adventure and motocross.

Born from the evolution of the X Legend boot, used by riders including nine-time enduro world champion Steve Holcombe, Eleveit’s X Privilege is the under-300 Euro option from the Italian manufacturer of what we think are among the most comfortable dirt bike boots out there.


Ankle Protection

The X Privilege has the CLF (Controlled Lateral Flexion) system found on the X Legend boots, designed and patented by Eleveit.

A PU frame sits outside the boot with an upper plate welded to a lower one through a metal stud that moves inside a housing with two pre-set stopping points. The lateral movement of the joint is mechanically controlled within the natural flexion arc, preventing excessive extension and, above all, avoiding harmful twists.


Eleveit fits the X Privilege boot with a flexible and lightweight microfiber upper and a soft and breathable lining for comfort.

Meanwhile, the X Privilege boot sole claims durability, excellent grip, and lightweight construction, made of a new bi-component material that is replaceable.


An additional plus is the closure system of the X Privilege boot, which boasts a polyurethane lever mechanism with patented micrometric adjustment from Eleveit. They say it is very secure system, easy to adjust and extremely impact resistant.


X Privilege is CE Certified and is available at a price of €299.90 in sizes ranging from 39 to 48 and in four different colourways: black with red inserts, white with black inserts, and in the new blue with white and black inserts, and red with white and black inserts.


More information: www.eleveit.it