Billy Bolt and Jonny Walker look set to race against Steve Holcombe, Taddy Blazusiak and (maybe) Josep Garcia in a one-off Indoor Enduro of Champions, in Newcastle, August 10, 2024.

Fresh from the big SuperEnduro night out in Newcastle last weekend, the final round of the 2024 season where Billy Bolt wrapped up the world championship, event organisers, Fast Eddy Racing and Fat Cat, are planning a follow-up at the same venue in the summer.

One of the kingpins behind the event, Paul Edmondson, explained to Enduro21 they are taking advantage of timing and smartly slotting the event into the calendar on August 10, the weekend after the EnduroGP of Wales when many international riders will be around.

That means riders like Steve Holcombe, Hamish Macdonald and Jamie McCanney, who are no strangers to riding the logs and rocks in EnduroGP Super Tests, have their names pencilled in and with a fair wind also Josep Garcia as the list continues to grow.

With the event not being sanctioned by the FIM, you can also add in the mix Taddy Blazusiak on the Stark Varg plus the provisional pro class entry list aiming to include American riders like Cody Webb.

The proviso here is riders like Garcia will need his team to give it the ok. Enduro21 would guess Red Bull KTM, potentially others on this list, will not want their prize rider to risk an injury at a race like this if he was leading the world championship at that point in the season.

For those who have longer memories, the original indoor enduro world championship, pre-SuperEnduro days at least, used to attract the top brass from the outdoor world championship in the winter months. It was well-known for bringing Taddy Blazusiak into the same arenas as David Knight and Ivan Cervantes for example.

Here’s hoping the Enduro of Champions in August can bring a bit of that old school magic back to reality.


Photo Credit: Future7Media