TM Racing will make its official debut as bike service and rental provider at the 2021 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Italy care of an experienced race team and Six Days service provider, Boano Racing.

Boano are a familiar team in the ISDE paddock with many years of experience providing service and assistance for Beta riders at the event. For the 2021 Six Days in Italy, just as with their race team this season, Boano will switch and offer motorcycle rental, assistance and spare parts service for TM Racing motorcycles.

TM Racing bike rental packages

The rental package includes brand new, 2022 TM Racing Six Days Limited Edition model two-stroke and four-stroke bikes – the new models will be officially presented in June they say.

The number of bikes available will be limited to a maximum of 15 but all the TM model capacities will be available as an option. All motorcycles will be delivered to the Rivanazzano Paddock ahead of the race already prepared and ready to race.

Rental costs:

TM 2T models €2590.00

TM 4T models €2890.00

You can request additional personalization on the TM Racing Six Days Limited Edition models for hire (high saddle, handlebar thicknesses, suspension set-up, etc..).



Full assistance package

The “full” service will also be offered for anyone who rents the bike plus for those who will participate with their own bike. This service is also closed number for a total of max 15 riders.

Complete cost for either 2T or 4T: €1350.00


Full Assistance Service:

  • Spare service access (spare parts cost excluded)
  • Assistance at service as per FIM regulation
  • Exclusive TM Racing/Boano race paddock pit area with tools (including tyre changing equipment) at both paddock and assistance points
  • Tyres service option with Maxxis tyres and Riga Gomme mousses
  • Maintenance oils and liquids provided free of charge by Bardhal
  • Gasoline for race
  • Technicians for support
  • Cash supply to deposit any personal material for Paddock assistance
  • Transportation of personal effects (gloves, goggles, energy bars, clothing, etc.)
  • Boano Suspension Service
  • Info point and race rankings at TM Racing Paddock
  • Water, snacks, fruit at race assistance points
  • Twin Air filter service
  • Pre-race motorcycle set-up and support


In addition, a spare parts service will be available for all riders at the TM Racing paddock area. Spares will be available for TM 2020-2022 models.


More information and inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.