As we head to Poland for round two of the 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship in Krakow, Enduro12 checks in with last year’s Junior World Champion Mitchell Brightmore stepping up to the Prestige class and battling Billy Bolt.

A stellar 2023 season saw Brightmore first claim the Junior SuperEnduro world crown before an epic season-long battle to win the Junior Hard Enduro World Championship.

From the outside it looks like Mitch, along with his younger brother Ashton, have arrived out of nowhere onto the world enduro stage. But results this last 12 months or so mean the boys from Buxton in the UK have put themselves firmly on the map.

With the Junior Hard Enduro World Championship riders mixing it with the seniors, Mitch has been among the few making inroads on the factory team riders during the outdoor races. Nowhere more so than when he pipped Billy Bolt in the GetzenRodeo prologue shootout races.

Fast-forward to this year’s SuperEnduro series and, as the ’23 Junior champ, Mitch has had to graduate to the Prestige class where he is again mixing it with the likes of Bolt, Jonny Walker and Manuel Lettenbichler.

Enduro21 caught five with Mitch as he embarks on a new season with the TTR Squadra Corse team, ahead of this weekend’s second indoor GP of the year in Krakow, to find out where he’s at…

Your 2023 season wasn’t as shabby one Mitch, you stepped up a gear…

Mitch Brightmore: “We're pretty new to enduro, after growing up riding trials. But this eyar we got to grisp with it and I just think I got in my rhythm coming into the SuperEnduro season last year, won the Juniors and then I’ve been trying to carry on the momentum. It obviously worked and I ended up winning the outdoor season. So it was a pretty good year.”

NB: One thing you quickly learn about Mitch is he is the king of understatement!


You’ve haven’t arrived from nowhere but in enduro you’re suddenly in the limelight with two world championships. Is the learning curve steep?

“Well, riding with my brother helps a lot. It definitely helps having him there because we progress equally. One learns something and the other picks up on that and it just works great between me and him, you keep learning off each other.”

You’re a matter-of-fact kinda guy it seems, but you’re out there with the big boys now. How is it on track with the likes of Billy and Jonny?

“It’s a big atmosphere with lots of people in the crowds, indoors and outdoors, but you just have to do your own thing, enjoy the atmosphere but blank out the noise. You have to forget what people are doing and saying and just concentrate on the race and what’s in front of you.”


When you become junior champion you have to step up to the prestige class but is does it feel like a big step or just the next natural step?

“Yeah, in SuperEnduro I’ve got to step into the Prestige because I won the juniors and I haven’t got a choice but I think it was wise move to do it and is the way to go. There’s no point staying where you already won.

“I’m happy with where I’m at now and we’ll see what the season brings.”

What’s it like getting out there in the arena, with the crowd and battling with the factory riders compared to last year in the Juniors?

“It’s pretty hectic! [laughs] But you’re still a guy on two wheels, still riding a bike like the rest of ‘em and you’ve just got to have fun and do what you can.”

Is it easier maybe, the Juniors can be pretty hectic can’t it?

“There’s a few wild people out there yeah but, the same again really, when you get a bit tired there’s some wild riding goes on in the Prestige. You’ve just always got to be looking up and looking where you’re going to avoid those.”

Round two of the 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship lands in Krakow, Poland this weekend. Entry lists for Prestige, Junior and European classes below – note, no Taddy Blazusiak in his home race…

Prestige class


Junior class


European class



Photo Credit: Future7Media | Nicki Martinez