Get a feel for the story behind the story looking at the 2022 Spanish EnduroGP tests and reasons why riders were describing having “up and down” days with these video highlights.

Enduro21 doesn’t normally run the ‘crash and fail’ videos – mainly because we know what it means to get hurt on a dirt bike and it ain’t funny – but here Jaume Soler gives a good look at what the tests were like and reasons why riders were saying things like: “my performance was dampened slightly by a pretty massive crash” (understatement of the year award goes to Steve Holcombe…check out his trouser-eating crash around the one minute mark).

Results from the Spanish GP, day one: 2022 EnduroGP Results: Spain day 1 – Andrea Verona takes maiden overall win

Results from day 2: 2022 EnduroGP results: Josep Garcia turns it around on day 2 in Spain