Onboard track preview for the 2023 EnduroGP World Championship round four in Skovde, Sweden – it’s going to be a long and dusty one!

Racing begins today, Thursday June 1, in Skovde with the Super Test ahead of two days racing three laps of a slightly complex test format.

Concentrate: the format goes extreme, enduro 1 + 2 and cross alternating for three times each before a return to the extreme test before the finish for 11 tests in total each day for the main classes (eight for Women and Open riders).

Riders do a short, 1km extreme test next to the paddock – also used in part for the super test. The lap then goes into a 6.5km and 7km “almost 10 minutes flat out” sandy enduro tests mixing conditions in trees with some rocks and spectacular concrete ramps in the second which looks like being the highlight for spectators, photographers and videos. The 6.6km cross test follows in a flat and open grassy field which we’re expecting to be dusty as hell in some very sunny conditions so far.

The days were technically hard and often muddy in Finland last week but they will be hard in a different way this week in sunny Sweden with very limited liaison on mostly roads and a time schedule going from 9am to 16:30 for the first riders. Either way, on the back of a GP just a few days ago it ain’t gonna be easy!

Stay tuned to Enduro21 for results, riders quotes videos and more.